Dr Dacheng Zhao

    Dr Dacheng Zhao, received his PhD in Education at Macquarie University, Australia in 2004. Currently he is a PhD supervisor at University of Western Sydney, the Director of Sino-Aussie Unique Cooperation Centre for Educational Study and Service (SUCCESS), the Principal of Hua Xia Chinese Language and Culture School (Penrith) and the Vice President of Society of Chinese Australian Academics.
    He has published widely in the areas of mathematics education, international and comparative education, language education, teacher education, curriculum and assessment, and research education etc. His major publications includes the books of Chinese students’ high achievement in mathematics: A comparison of mathematics education of Australian and Chinese primary schools by Springer and Understanding Chinese Education through Cross-cultural Lens: A comparative study of Chinese and Western educational culture (in Chinese) by Yanbian Education Press; book chapters e.g. Teaching Chinese language and culture to Australian high school beginners through intercultural language teaching, Simple steps to teach mathematics: a case analysis of a stage six mathematics student in a tutoring intervention, and Case study on mathematics assessment practice in Australian and Chinese primary schools; and the Journal Articles such as:
    Zhao, D. (2012). Being bilingual teacher-researchers: a case study of a research-oriented school-engaged teacher education program, Local Global, 9, pp. 76-92.
    Liao, J. & Zhao, D. (2012). Grounded theory approach to beginning teachers' perspectives of communicative language teaching practice, Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, 9 (1), pp. 76-90.
    Zhao, D. (2011). What we learned from a comparison of mathematics assessment in Australian and Chinese primary schools, Journal of Mathematics Education, 4(2), pp. 55-70.
    Zhao, D. & Singh, M. (2011). Why do Chinese-Australian students outperform their Australian peers in mathematics: A comparative case study, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 9(2), pp. 69-87.
    Sawyer, W,, Singh, M. & Zhao, D. (2009). Boys' literacy: Negotiating the Territory, English in Australia, 44(3), pp. 19-28.


    Dr Dacheng Zhao, Editor-in-Chief, Professor and Director at Sino-Aussie Unique Collaborative Centre for Educational Studies and Services (SUCCESS), Australia

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