• Inclusion of Pro-Environmental Education in Textbooks at the Elementary and Secondary Level: A Review of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board, Pakistan

    RafiUllah & Dr. Muhammad Khalil & Dr. Zahoor-ul-Haq

    Facing local, national and global environmental challenges it is vital to educate the children with basic environmental challenges through Environmental Education (EE). This will not only build their knowledge regarding environmental challenges but also motivate them towards a pro-environmental behavior and attitude which will ultimately ensure their participation in eliminating and mitigation of such challenges. This goal can be achieved by inculcating EE in the national curriculum at elementary and secondary levels which needs to be modernized by quantity and quality of contents, teaching methodology and evaluation. A study was conducted to explore the inclusion of environmental education in the curriculum at elementary and secondary levels of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. All the textbooks from Grades VI to X were reviewed and analyzed. The study revealed that although considerable quantity of environmental education had been included to address the national and international challenges but there is lack of coherence in subject matter. One common observation in all textbooks is lack of practical involvement of students in all those propositions which could build the psychomotor and affective domain of EE for progressive results. In-service teacher training program of EE can improve the quality teaching methodology and command over subject matter. The role of provincial department of Environment, co-curricular activities, public-private partnership and study tours can boost the knowledge and attitude of students to sustainable environmental development.

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  • Integrated Model Frameworks for Chinese Corporations and German Enterprises

    Yang Yanan & Christoph Lütge

    This paper presents a novel method for identifying the suitable mode selection of culture integration for Chinese enterprises, during the oversea mergers and acquisitions with Germany family enterprises. Using questionnaire and case study, the national and organizational culture were be measured for the comparison of Chinese and German family enterprises, and the influence factors of culture difference and suitable culture integration modes would be teased out. Based on Berry’s Acculturation theory, this paper would propose that if the national and organizational cultures were both distant, then the marginalization would be positive; if they were both close, then the assimilation would be positive; if their national culture were close while organizational culture were distant, then the separation would be positive; lastly, if their national culture were distant while organizational culture were close, then the integration would be positive. After the questionnaire research (130 open & close questionnaires to Chinese enterprises and 20 to Germany), 86 % valid questionnaires were recovered. The result shows agreement with theoretical prediction. Three case studies were conducted accordingly. The work presented here has profound implications for future studies of Berry’s Acculturation theory. It is hopes to help solve the problem of the culture integration in mergers and acquisitions among China and Western Countries in the future and significantly improve over previous efforts by Moran, et al.

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  • Human Resource Performance Appraisal Based on Big Data

    Li Zhuorɑn 1 & Ge Zhenfenɡ 1 & Wɑnɡ Minɡ 2

    With the rapid development of Internet technology, we enter into a big data era. Large data technology is gradually applied to the human resource performance management of modern enterprises by virtue of incomparable advantages, which can realize the network of human resource performance management of modern enterprises and then promote the effect of enterprise human resource performance management. This paper aims at exploring the innovation way of enterprise human resource performance management under the big data era. However, facing complex and large data, it is an important issue how to be scientific and effective appraisal of human resources.

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  • On the Involution of Purchasing Public Services by Local Government from the Social Organization and Its Prevention

    Li Jinlong & Wang Yingwei

    The purchase of public services by local governments from social organizations is under a major change in China's public service supply mechanism. However, in the process of this change, the problem of involution of purchasing public services by local government gradually highlighted. The form of government procurement of public services is increasingly refined and diversified, but it really points to the public service supply mechanism has not produced substantial change. Concentrated in the transfer of government public service functions, nurture the development of social organizations, to meet the public needs of the audience and other areas of growth, lack of development. The reason is that the government relies on the path dependence of the traditional mode of public service supply, the rationalization of political rationality under the dual management system, and the asymmetric dependence between the government and the society are the key factors that restrict the public service supply mechanism from making substantive changes. There is a need to gradually clarify the applicability of the purchase, the release of resources at different levels; further change the management orientation, balance the relationship between government and government, and strengthen the purchase of the whole process of quality supervision system construction.

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  • The Study of the Pilgrimage of the Tibetan Mountain in Western Anthropology with an Example of the Dmu Rdo Mountain

    Luo Baochuan 1 & Chen Lin 2

    Mountain worship is one of the nature worship of ancient Tibetan. Anthropology in the west after the 1990s, along with Post-colonial the theoretical construction of The Times, through the appearance of many new theories have affected the study of Tibetan mountain pilgrimage and related ceremonies and the space. The study involved the scale of the research in the Dmu rdo mountain in Danba county. On one hand, the analysis of these results can enrich scholars both at home and abroad. On the other hand, there is a systematic understanding of the overseas field of the Tibetan mountain research from the analysis of the case.

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  • A Study on the Commercial House Price In China: in Terms of Money Supply and Lending Interest Rate

    He Yugang & Eun-Mo Lee

    This paper uses the data-set from 2000 to 2016 to analyze the commercial house price from the aspects of money supply and lending interest rate in China. Via establishing the vector error correction model (VECM), an empirical analysis was conducted to reveal the effects of money supply and lending interest rate on the commercial house price. Through the empirical analysis, conclusions that are come into are that the money supply has a significant effect on the commercial house price; The effect of the lending interest on the commercial house price is not significant in the short run. However, in the long run, an increase in the money supply will result in an increase in the commercial house price. Conversely, an increase in the lending interest rate will lead to a decrease in the commercial house price in terms of the commercial house demand.

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  • Structural Equation Model and Its Application of Network Resources and Marketing Dynamic Capability

    Peng Xia

    Based on the existing analysis framework of marketing dynamic capability, this paper attempts to interpret the functions and mechanism of marketing dynamic capability from the new perspective of the company network theories. In addition, the paper adopts the corporate network resources, market knowledge, dynamic capability and other related theories to build the structural equation model of corporate network resources applicable to marketing dynamic capability. Finally, research data are used to conduct model tests in a bid to enrich the dynamic capability theory of company marketing under the dimension of its network resources.

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  • Observation on Evolution of China’s Social Policies from “ New Year’s Messages”: From the Perspective of Symbolic Interactionism

    Wang Kai

    The New Year greetings of Chinese national leaders from 1990 to 2016 are summarized using the ROST CM6. Based on the perspective of symbol interaction theory, the New Year address is used as the symbol of words for analysis, from which the historical evolution and development process of Chinese social policies are explored, to be outlined into the five stages of development. In the meanwhile, the main features are obtained through analysis of the concrete words in New Year greetings: stage one (1990-1997), the social policies were attached to economic policies; stage two (1998-2001), the social policies started to make development; stage three(2002-2006), the social policies made integrated development; stage four(2007-2012), the social policies became an independent field; stage five (2013-2016), the social policies rose to the height of national governance.

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  • On Characteristics of the Network Language from the Perspective of the Creativity of Language

    Deng Danli

    Along with the popularization of the network language, the network language usage is also expanding rapidly, across the world. As one of the designed feature of language, creativity of language occupies an irreplaceable position in language society. This paper attempts to study the characteristic of the network language from the perspective of the creativity of language so that recognize the connection between the creativity of language and the network language.

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  • On the Influence of Writing of Qin Bamboo Slips on the Configuration of Chinese Characters During Li-character Evolution

    Chen Shuangxin 1 & Dong Yue 2 3

    Li-character evolution is an important turning point in the evolution of the ancient and modern characters. Qin Bamboo Slips inherits Oracle and Bronze Inscriptions are the source of the mainstream of the Chinese characters. Therefore, this paper mainly studies the evolution track of the handwritten ink Chinese characters written by Qin bamboo. The study found that the following six factors affect the strength of the penmanship and the shape of the Chinese characters, then further affect the configuration of Chinese characters: ① The pause in ink writing is enhanced and preserved to produce a new stroke.②Extend the horizontal strokes of seal character, shorten the vertical strokes, turn curve strokes into straight strokes and corning stokes increase.③ Change broken strokes into connection strokes to simply character pattern.④ Drag the pen or exit to cause a stroke change.⑤ Add the redundant strokes for the beauty of the characters.⑥ Erroneous transformation caused by writing leads to the changes of the strength of characters.

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  • A Study of the Metaphor in Newspaper English and its Translating Strategies

    He Xinnian

    As one of the most important media, newspapers help a large group of readers get information in their daily life. With international newspapers becoming popular in Chinese market, the English-Chinese translation of English newspapers plays an essential role in its success. Metaphor is a figure of speech which is widely used in newspaper English. The related research on metaphor is first introduced in the present paper. Secondly different types of metaphors are discussed, namely, conceit, personification, metonymy and synecdoche, and some examples are given to demonstrate each of them. In the third part, discussions are made on the application of metaphor in newspaper English. And then some translation strategies are listed with analyzing related examples. Finally, it makes a conclusion that knowing the application function of metaphor can assist the translator get a better understanding of the target text. In the process of its English-Chinese translation of newspapers, it would be much better for translators to combine various translation strategies so that can improve the quality of the translation.

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  • A Model of Ecological Poet Translating Eco-Poetry: On Gary Snyder’s Translation of Han Shan’s Poems

    Wu Qiong & Bian Lihong

    As one of the representatives of American “beat generation”, Gary Snyder used to put his ecological poetic ideas, such as returning to the wilderness, ecological holism and reconstructing the human’s contract with the earth into his translations of Han Shan’s poems, which resonated with Han Shan’s cultural ideology. His effort greatly helped to merge Han Shan’s poetry into the American society. Moreover, such ecological poetry got popular with the American readers for a very long time. Therefore, on the one hand this study can elucidate the typical case of ecological poet translating ecological poetry; on the other hand, it can make a new perspective for the Chinese culture going-out to the world.

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  • Athol Fugard's Drama in the Dimension of Space

    Wang Dan

    South African dramatist Athol Fugard’s drama is thought-provoking, which is rich in theme and full of content. Almost all his dramatic works are drawn from the real society and blended with self-remolding and self-thinking. This paper explores Fugard’s drama from the spatial dimension, showing the playwright’s deep concern for the South African society with multi-time, multi-space, multi-level and multi-angle, repeatedly thinking of the vicissitudes of life, constantly inquiring into the depth of soul, holding the strong thirst for profound reflection on human nature and for a better vision. By writing the isolation of living space, deprivation of discourse space, invasion of mental space and finally struggle for moral space identity, this paper vividly expresses the survival status of blacks in confined space and constant efforts in order to search for their own identity during that period.

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  • Predictive Nursing and Effect Observation of Hemoperfusion for Patients with Acute Intoxication

    Yan Hongli & Shao Dongmei & Li Yang & Wang Chao

    Purpose: This paper researches application effects of predictive nursing in hemoperfusion of patients with acute poisoning. Method: From June 2013 to July 2016, 86 cases of hemoperfusion patients with acute poisoning treated in a hospital are selected as the research objects. After sorting the admission numbers, they are divided into basic group and predictive group with 43 cases respectively in the sampling method. Perioperative nursing care is adopted during acute poisoning hemoperfusion for the basic group. Predictive nursing care is adopted in the predictive group. The rescue effects of the two groups are observed and compared. Result: APACHE-Ⅱ score, myocardial enzyme index, consciousness recovery time, hospitalization time, complication rate of the predictive group are lower than those of the basic group, and its rescue success rate is obviously higher than that of basic group, P<0.05. Conclusion: Predictive nursing care during hemoperfusion in patients with acute poisoning can play a role of prevention, improve rescue effect and avoid serious complications, which is worth being applied in clinical practice.

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  • Effect Evaluation of Progressive Rehabilitation Nursing on Cardiac Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronary Stent Implantation

    Huang Lili & Hu Guangling & Yang Qiaofang

    Objective: To observe the progressive rehabilitation nursing to promote the effect of cardiac rehabilitation after coronary stent implantation patients. Selection methods: The hospital from May 2011 to May 2015 treated 150 cases of coronary artery stent implantation in patients with documents review, sorting and analysis, were randomly divided into control group and observation group, control group 75 cases, the conventional nursing methods for auxiliary treatment, the observation group of 75 cases in the control group on the basis of using the method of progressive rehabilitation nursing for auxiliary treatment. Results: After treatment, through the data contrast, observation group of patients with physical inspection report, bosom is frowsty attack rate, intensity of exercise tolerance is better than that in control group, treatment effect obvious, difference (P<0.05), with statistical significance. Conclusion: Patients with progressive rehabilitation nursing after promoting intravascular implantation of cardiac rehabilitation effect is remarkable, popularization should be applied to clinical medicine.

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  • Effect of Self Efficacy and Self Nursing Intervention on Postoperative Nutritional Status and Quality of Life in Patients with Laryngeal Carcinoma

    Yu Haidi & Wang Li

    Objective: To investigate and Study on self efficacy and self nursing intervention on nutritional status and quality of life of patients with laryngeal cancer after operation. Method: 100 cases of laryngeal cancer patients in our hospital from June 2015 to March 2016 were treated and randomly divided into experimental group and control group, 50 cases in each group. The experimental group adopted the self efficacy and self nursing intervention, the control group was given routine nursing intervention. To determine the nutritional status of patients by measuring the hemoglobin, serum albumin and prealbumin levels, evaluate the life quality of the patients with quality of life scale for WHO. The contrastive analysis of two groups of patients after 1 months of nutritional status and quality of life. Result: 1 months after surgery, the experimental group of patients with laryngeal cancer were significantly higher than the control group of hemoglobin, serum albumin and prealbumin, P < 0.01, the difference was statistically significant. The experimental group of laryngeal cancer patients' quality of life, physical function, psychological function and social function scores were significantly higher than control group, P < 0.01, the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion: Self efficacy and self nursing intervention can effectively improve the nutritional status of patients with laryngeal cancer after operation and the quality of life, is worthy of extensive implementation.

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  • The Correlation of Virus Infection and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Its Influence on Airway Inflammation

    Pan Zebin & Ji Xiaoping & Guo Xi

    Objective: To explore the correlation between virus infection and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its influence on airway inflammation. Methods: To select 95 cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with acute aggravating period (severe COPD group ), 52 patients with stable COPD (stable COPD group) and 28 cases of healthy people (healthy group) as the research object in our hospital from December 2013 to March 2017,Virus specific IgM antibody and IgG level condition of respiratory syncytial virus(RSV),Herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1),adenovirus(ADV),cytomegalovirus(CMV)were detected by ELISA.At the same time, according to the specific antibody of virus IgM detection results and clinical manifestations.95patients with acute exacerbation were divided into A group of 32 cases and B group 63 cases.Sputum interleukin 6(IL-6)and tumor necrosis faclor alpha(TNF-α) level were measured and analysis of two groups of patients before and after treatment, and the results were statistically analyzed.Results: The total virus positive rate of serve COPD group (88.42%)and stable COPD group (71.15%) was respectively significantly higher than that of the health group(20.59%,χ2=15.969,P<0.01).The IgM positive rate of serve COPD group(33.68%)was higher than that of the health group(5.88%).The IgG positive rate of two groups was respectively higher than that of health group(P<0.0 1).Sputum IL-6and TNF-α decreased significantly after treatment than before treatment(P<0.05).Compared with group B, group A of interleukin 8 level decreased more significantly (P < 0.01); Two groups of tumor necrosis factor alpha diff has no statistical significance (P > 0.05). Conclusions: Viral infection is one of the important risk factors of acute exacerbation of COPD, particularly with the effect of respiratory syncytial virus the most, usually cause airway inflammation is aggravating, need to strengthen the prevention and treatment of virus infection in clinical.

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  • Hospital-Community-Family Continuing Rehabilitation Nursing Intervention in Improving the Body Function of Stroke Patients

    Bo Wenting & Wang Qiao & Hou Guihong

    Objective To observe and analyze the rehabilitation effect of Hospital-Community-Family rehabilitation nursing intervention on improving the body function of stroke patients. Method 100 stroke patients in our hospital from March 2015 to May 2016 were treated, according to the random number table method, divided into experimental group and control group, 50 cases in each, the experimental group was treated by the Hospital-Community-Family rehabilitation nursing continuation of normal nursing, the control group were compared. Fugl-Meyer score and motor function of two groups patients before nursing intervention and nursing intervention for six months after the Barthel score. Result The experimental group and the control group of patients with nursing intervention after the first half of the Barthel index score was significantly higher than that before intervention, P < 0.05, the difference was statistically significant. Compared to the experimental group and the control group of patients before nursing intervention Barthel score, P=0.71, the difference was not statistically significant. But in the experimental group, nursing intervention after the first half of the Barthel index score was significantly higher than the control group, P < 0.01, the difference was statistically significant. Patients in the experimental group of nursing intervention of Fugl-Meyer motor function after six months were significantly higher than those before intervention, P < 0.01, the difference was statistically significant. Comparing the changes before and after the nursing intervention for patients ,P=0.47, the difference was not statistically significant. Compared to the experimental group and the control group of patients before nursing intervention Fugl-Meyer motor function score, P=0.72, the difference was not statistically the significance of experimental group. Nursing intervention for patients with Fugl-Meyer motor function after six months were significantly higher than those in control group, P < 0.01, the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion Hospital-Community-Family rehabilitation nursing intervention has a positive effect on improving the physical function of patients with stroke, the patient's life has been improved, and it is worthy of widespread clinical application.

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  • Effect of Bundles of Care on Prevent of Phlebitis after Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters in Breast Cancer Patients

    Zhang Nan & Zhang Chunfang

    Objective to investigate the nursing prevention of breast cancer patients with PICC the effect of phlebitis after tube. Methods 136 patients underwent PICC catheter in patients with breast cancer as the research object,one in 68 patients in the control group, two cases in 68 patients as the experimental group.The patients in the two wards were not different from each other, and they were treated by the same medical team.There was no difference between the treatment methods and the patient care. The control group received routine nursing measures, and the experimental group was treated by cluster nursing. The incidence of phlebitis after catheterization was compared between the two groups. Results phlebitis occurred in 7 cases in the control group, the incidence rate was 10.29%,and phlebitis occurred in 1 cases in the experimental group,with a rate of 1.47%. The difference of phlebitis incidence between the two groups was statistically significant (P<0.05).Conclusion the implementation of cluster nursing strategy reduces the incidence of PICC catheter phlebitis in breast cancer.

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  • On Measures to Improve the Order-type Talent Training of China’s Higher Vocational Colleges

    Zhang Wei

    In the paper problems about existing order-type talent training model of higher vocational colleges were found through the analyses of its current situation. Problems were studied from the perspective of higher vocational colleges, units and government and educational administration. Corresponding measures taken to improve this order-type talent training model were put forward.

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  • On the blending of Socialist Core Values into the Practical Teaching Pattern of Ideological-political Theory Course

    Jaing Lihong

    Ideological-political course of higher institutions is the one equally emphasizing on intellectuality and morality, theory and practical teaching. It is the main channel for the complement of fundamental task of setting high moral values and cultivating persons and the core curriculum for the education of the socialist core values, and it can help students to set up correct world value, life value and moral value. This research studied studied the practical teaching pattern based on “micro media”, with socialist core values blending into the practical teaching of ideological-political theory curriculum as its logical starting point, in hopes of increasing the effectiveness of practical teaching of ideological-political theory course and of enhancing the quality of talent training.

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  • Problems and Prospects of Military and Strategic Cooperation Between China and Russia in Contemporary International Relations

    Dmitry Foryy

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has lost significant territories in the European part and become “an Asia-biased state”. The increasing role of the Far Eastern ports and the Northern Sea Route, the military-political instability in Central Asia, diverted Russia’s strategic, commercial and political interests in the Asia-Pacific region, primarily, to China. Having come to power, President Putin proposed to intensify Russia’s role in Asia. This decision is largely based on the fact that China is a member of all major political and economic institutions in the region. However, taking into account China's increase of military power, and all the existing contradictions and tendencies of socio-political development, one can expect a potential threat not only to Russia’s national interests and security, but also to the Asia-Pacific region. It is evident that in spite of the existing chance for Russia to play “the China card” in the region in order to achieve certain economic and political benefits, it is necessary to make a research on conditions and consequences of political and military cooperation with China, not only for bilateral relations, but also for the global policy.

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  • China’s Public Diplomacy in the Middle East

    Yu Zhen & Bai Xinyi

    Since 1955, China's public diplomacy in the Middle East has gone through the first two stages: the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and all regional countries and the rapid development stage, and has entered a new stage of development under the initiative of “One Belt One Road”. China carries out public diplomacy in the Middle East mainly through the government public relations which plays a dominant role, carries out the media diplomacy and communicates with people in Middle East countries via the mass media, and carries out activities in a variety of forms such as educational and cultural exchanges and friendly exchanges relying on social organizations.

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