• Three Level Leadership for Promoting Principalship Competencies: An Interview with Dr Hawkes

    Timothy Hawkes

    This paper is an interview with Dr Hawkes about his recent work on three level leadership for prompting principalship competence. Dr Timothy Hawkes is an Australian educator who has played a leadership role in Australian schools for three decades including 17 years as Principal of the King’s School. He has been bringing a great passion to the issue of principal and student leadership. On the 29th of May 2020, the Editor-in-Chief of Aussie-Sino Studies - Dr Dacheng Zhao interviewed Dr Hawkes about his recent work on three level leadership for prompting principalship competence. This paper is a conversation between Dr Zhao and Dr Hawkes.

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  • Cultural Heritage in China’s Cultural Rejuvenation and International Communication

    Zhang Xihua

    China has abundant Cultural Heritages including 52 sites having been inscribed on the World Heritage List. In Chinese context the implication and connotation of “cultural Heritage” share some universal features but show more uniqueness. The identification of cultural heritage in identity building in urban and rural areas is of great difference. Nowadays, Chinese cultural heritages can play an important role to help to build Chinese Cultural Rejuvenation and to achieve better effects in its global communication. With more insights from Chinese cultural heritages, people in China can enhance their cultural consciousness and confidence, which are essential in Cultural Rejuvenation and Communication. But how to enhance them with cultural heritage is worth research and thought provoking with more and more integration of world cultural diversity.

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  • On the Generation Logic of College Students’ Cultural Views through the Lens of Internationalization of Higher

    Hu Fangyi; Jiang Fengmei

    Driven by globalization, the coexistence of several different cultures in the same geography space has turned into an objective reality. Cross-cultural communication between universities around the world has also become a norm state, and the internationalization of higher education has developed into an inevitable trend in the development of universities. In the context of the internationalization of higher education, the generation logic of college students' cultural outlook presents new characteristics of the times. The paper argues that college educators should not only make full use of the resources provided by cross-cultural communication, but also strengthen the scientific guidance for college students to form cultural views that meet the needs of the times and conforms to the interests of the national society.

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  • An Empirical Research on Cross-cultural Competence Construction of Universities’ Foreign Language Teachers: From the Perspective of the Third Space Theory

    Zheng Xiangli

    In view of the relatively weak cross-cultural communication ability of universities foreign language teachers and the shortage of cross-cultural knowledge of students at Chinese colleges and universities, the author has explored the approaches for cross-cultural competence construction of the university’s teachers based on the Third Space Theory through studying and analyzing the existing problems in cross-cultural teaching, with colleges and universities in Jilin Province as the object of the empirical research and the approaches of cross-cultural competence construction of foreign language teachers as the objective.

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  • Research on Compound Talent Training System at Universities in Beijing: A Case Study on Dual Training Program

    Xing Xiaonan

    This paper reports a case study on Beijing International Studies University which actively responded to the call of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and launched a Dual Training Program with universities such as Beijing Foreign Studies University, Communication University of China, Beijing Normal University and other universities since 2015. The paper clarifies the problems during the implementation of Dual Training Program, explores the application of blockchain technology in the teaching management, and promotes the construction of virtual teaching teams and course group construction, in order to further improve the training process and teaching quality.

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  • Transformation Strategies of Spanish Translation Teaching under “the Belt and Road" Initiative

    Hui Zhang

    “The Belt and Road” Initiative requires considerable qualified translators. Based on the needs of Spanish translation talent market, the study reported in this paper investigated four universities with Spanish majors in Shanghai. The paper combines the talent training programs of these universities’ undergraduate teaching, the status quo of their respective translation teaching, analyzes the shortcomings of the Spanish translation teaching, and puts forward the transformation strategies of translation teaching aiming at cultivating translation talents.

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  • Exploring the Mode of Employees Assistance Program: A Case Study on Trade Union of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone

    Chen Rui

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a systematic and long-term welfare plan provided by enterprise organizations, and it is an important part of enterprise culture. The implementation mode of EAP includes in-house model, out-house model, consortium model, affiliate model, union-based member assistance programs and joint delegation mode. EAP organization founded by the Federation of trade unions of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone belongs to the mode of helping trade union members and explores many innovative measures. Including the District Federation of trade unions sending "spiritual tutors" to the enterprise, training EAP personnel for the enterprise, incorporating EAP management into the enterprise management system, establishing "Changsha Economic Development Zone employee volunteer service team" and "Internet + trade union" online and offline combined service mode.

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  • Growing from Doing and Thinking: Exploration and Practices of Career Planning Vocational Experience Education in Huiwen Middle School

    Xiaoyong Dong; Li Xu

    Vocational experience education, as the main part of career planning education, has profound significance for guiding the student’s individual development. Under the background of social development and the reform of the college entrance examination, Tianjin Huiwen Middle School explores new forms of vocational education in combination with the school’s self-improvement value. The school considers the development and implementation of vocational education from four aspects including education background, purpose, approaches, and management. They pay attention to students’ individual development, focus on future needs of the society, help students grow from doing and thinking, and in the end prepare to live a happy life.

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  • Year Ten Students’ Self-awareness Exploration and Practices in Career Planning Education

    Hang Yin

    China is at the stage of rapidly developing fundamental education and implementing new curriculum reforms. However, it still causes problems such as low satisfaction in career choices, careers irrelevant to university majors and so on. Driven by the reform of Tianjin's examination and enrollment system, high school students urgently need career planning education. They are in the exploration period of their career development, which is critical for their future career development. Helping students be aware of themselves may make a big difference in students’ future academic planning and even in their career choices. Our school is one of the schools which first started to explore career education. We have been trying to help students improve their self-awareness, discover their career interests, and identify their development direction.

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  • How Do Chinese Primary Schools Ensure the Quality of Mathematics Education: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experiment Primary School

    Lihua Chen; Xiaosong Wang; Huijun Xing; Fang Ni; Dacheng Zhao; Tiedao Zhang

    The international comparative studies on students’ achievements in mathematics discovered that students from China consistently outperform their Western counterparts. This paper is a part of a series of four reports, which trace the origin of mathematics achievement from practice of mathematics education in Chinese primary schools by taking Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School as a case to explore the factors affecting students’ mathematics achievement. The study reported in this paper investigated how the Chinese primary school ensure the quality of mathematics education, which provides a rich description about teaching management activities at Beijing Chaoyang Experiment Primary School in terms of teaching and researching activity, routine inspection of teaching, stage monitoring, and mathematics assessment and evaluation.

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  • Practice and Innovation of Nightingale Public Health Theory in Wuhan Epidemic

    Yan Qiuyi; Huang Yangyang; Liang Quan

    Both theory and practice are reciprocal as methods generate from practice and return to training for testing. Nursing is a distinct health care discipline, different nursing theories live health and disease uniquely, indicating a different model of assistance during the illness considering the continuous interaction of people with the environment in which they find themselves. The legacy of Florence Nightingale's theory is a practical guide for nursing professionals to provide optimal health care services for patients. This paper aims to summarize the historical experience, discuss the practical application and scientific significance of nightingale's theory to the care of Wuhan epidemic situation, and demonstrate the importance of nursing theory as the basis of public health practice.

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  • A Study on the Approaches to Overcoming the Difficulties in Understanding Indian Variants of English Pronunciation for Chinese College Students

    Kang Xuekun

    This paper aims to identify the major phonetic difficulties of Chinese college students in understanding spoken Indian English (IE) based on the difference between IE and RP (Received Pronunciation), and to analyze their causes from both a subjective and objective perspective of students’ English learning, which helps to further explore our proper attitude towards outer circle Englishes. The paper also seeks to explore some effective teaching methods to overcome those difficulties, and discovers that both extensive exposure to Indian English variants and an intensive training in specific phonemes under the multi-modal teaching method are effective approaches to enhancing students’ recognition capabilities. The research also reveals a significant change in students’ attitude towards learning Outer Circle English Variant (OCEV) using various teaching methods, with multi-modal class being more positive. The paper maintains that purposeful phonetic training on OCEV serves as an effective cultivation of intercultural communication ability of Chinese English learners.

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