• The Isomorphism between the Subjects of Urban Culture Space and Higher Education Internationalization

    Liangcai Hu

    To explore the motivation for higher education internationalization from the perspective of urban culture space is fresh and novel. There is isomorphism between the subjects of urban culture space and higher education internationalization and thus the understanding of such isomorphism is the theoretical precondition for the researches on their interactivity. The subject constructs itself and its surrounding urban culture space, both spiritually and materially. On the one hand, it creates urban spiritual culture space for higher education internationalization and guarantees its historical continuity. On the other hand, it provides for it the material basis, such as, the citizens who receive internationalized higher education, the city landscape, institutions for scientific researches and art, and urban activities, which, in return, react upon the subject and urban culture space.

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  • Strategic Planning for the Development of Urban Areas Based on an Analysis of Socio-environmental Risks: the Experience of Designing the Rehabilitation of the River Temernik

    Tatiana Anopchenko & Ksenia Boeva & Anton Murzin & Alla Temirkanova

    The study is an attempt to comprehensively study and summarize the main problems and risks associated with the current state of the Temernik River and develop on this basis a plan of short-term and long-term measures for improving the basin of this natural city street and integrating it into the architectural and landscape carcass of Rostov-on-Don. The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions of city residents based on transformation of the source of environmental contamination into the park recreational space of citywide importance. The project received the approval of the Governor of the Rostov region, emphasizing the importance and urgency of solving the problem of the river Temernik. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Rostov Region initiated the involvement of a wide range of state and municipal employees, scientists and specialists, representatives of public organizations in the discussion of the problem.

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  • A Preliminary Exploration on Sustainable Strategy of City Development with MICE : A Case Study of the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition & LED Asia

    Qianhui Ouyang

    A city is not merely a centre of population and a cluster of the modern industries, but also having intimate relationship with regional economics. The development of the city is conductive to promoting the overall prosperity and development of a nation. MICE is widely concerned by the world’s attention for its strong promotion of urban economic development. Those large and medium-sized cities both in China and around the world, have made great efforts to develop MICE as an urban brand. However, the rapid development of convention and exhibition industry has brought pressure as well as challenges on urban management and environmental sustainability. This article takes the 21st Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) and Asia LED Exhibition as an example to have a comprehensive analysis and provide suggestions for potential risks that might happen when developing cities sustainably with the strategy of the convention and exhibition as its brand.

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  • City Life and Its Influence on the Relational Development of Young Adults: Perspectives from the Book of Proverbs and the Ghanaian Society

    Kojo Okyere

    The book of proverbs, especially chapters 1-9, provides some insights into the urban culture of ancient Israel. Addressed to the young adults, Proverbs 1-9 aims at directing the desires and values of young men as they navigate through life. The fervour and commitment displayed by Israelite sages clearly show the danger urban culture poses to the young adults. As a large and heterogeneous conglomerate of individuals and their settlements, cities have been important social variables in the development of cultures and humans. The emergence of urban studies is a testimony to the growing realization that cities make a mark on the way of life of society. The phenomenon of the city, however, is not a modern reality, but a cultural fossil which continues to take on its own form and shape. Our appreciation of ancient testimonies about city or urban life could facilitate our understanding of how modern cities could contribute to sustainable life. Focusing on ancient cities in the Old Testament, we are not only looking for origins and parallels of modern cities, but also seeking to explain the past in order to illuminate the present. From a literary historical perspective, this study examines the influence ancient Israelite city had on the relational development of young Israelite adults within various contexts of life. As an important skill for urban survival, relationship is key to young adults as they negotiate through the throes of urban culture. The paper proposes that the complex challenges urban culture throws to young adults today can find inspiration from how ancient Israelite society addressed its challenges.

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  • Urbanization and Informal Land Use in Nigeria, Africa

    Musibau Jelili 1 & David Ogunkan 2

    Against the background that land use and urbanization in Africa is much informal in nature, this paper attempts to model the informality question in African urbanization process from urban (land use) planner’s perspective. It starts by exploring the construct of informal land use (ILU) and various dimensions of informality as essential ingredients of understanding informal urbanization process on the continent. With primary data on land use, socioeconomic, and related variables from selected capital and noncapital cities of Ilorin and Ogbomoso (Nigeria) respectively, as case study, a model for predicting the incidence of ILU to be generated given certain neighbourhood conditions was developed and used for necessary simulation. The paper concludes that ILU or informality component of urban land use and development can be understood, predicted, formalized and incorporated into the planning of urban land use, development and/or urbanization process. It however recommends further similar empirical research endeavours to cover other parts of Nigeria and Africa, as well as more inclusive policy measures in favour of informality, which is rapidly becoming the mainstream of the average African economy.

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  • A Decision Support Approach to Land Rezoning/Redevelopment in Sustainable Urban Renewal

    Hao Wang

    Urban renewal has become an unavoidable phenomenon in many developed countries and regions. How to redevelop a piece of land with an appropriate use which is compatible with current land uses in the surrounding area is a big challenge encountered by urban planners or decision-makers. This paper provides a prototype of GIS-based approach which can quantitatively assess land-use suitability for land rezoning/redevelopment in urban renewal areas. Specifically, this approach consists of a model for land-use suitability analysis and a land information database affiliated by providing required data and information for the suitability analysis. In addition, five types of land use are considered in this model: residential, commercial, industrial, G/IC (government/institution and community) and open space. Research methods such as expert interview, focus group meeting and case study are applied to this approach development, and several advanced techniques or tools such as GIS data processing and spatial analysis, multi-criterion analysis, AHP method are used for building this model and database. As demonstrated in the case study, people can be assisted in making decisions for land redevelopment and the planning process can be supported by using this approach to assess urban land-use suitability for site reuse in sustainable urban renewal.

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  • Local University Intellectual Capital Transformation of Fusion Depth of Research

    Ran Li 1 & XiaoHong Zhang 2

    The intellectual capital transformation of fusion depth study is the important embodiment of social service function and important carrier. At present, the development of China's reform is in a crucial stage, all kinds of contradictions and problems in economic and social development is complex, needs to take effective measures to crack. At the same time, China is a large country, and the basis of regional development, conditions, resources, objectives, priorities and challenges of each are not identical, such as need more deeply integrated with pertinence and effectiveness of the production, the intellectual capital transformation of policy measures and solutions. Relying on local university to study, therefore, the intellectual capital transformation of depth fusion, social and economic development is one of the essential, feasible and urgent measures of innovation.

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  • On the Construction of Nursing Culture in Higher Education in China from the Perspective of Cultural Soft Power

    Qiuyi Yan & Huan Yang

    Higher education is an important base for inheriting, innovating and leading culture, and plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the soft power of national culture. Cultural soft power is an important aspect of the comprehensive strength of higher education. The core competitiveness of nursing higher education is created by improving the quality of running schools, the efficiency of running schools, cultivating innovative talents, and enhancing the reputation and fine reputation of the school in terms of cultural, spiritual, institutional, influence and affinity.

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  • Exploration on the Reform of Histology Experiment Teaching Mode Based on Flipped Classroom

    Lihua Piao 1 & Yanhua Xuan 2

    Histology and Embryology are the basic courses that medical students generally think are difficult to learn and memorize. Experimental teaching is an important part of teaching. In the experimental class, a large number of sliced specimens were observed through an optical microscope, which was easy to cause students' burnout and was not conducive to students' learning. The flipped classroom is now applied to the teaching of histoembryology experiments. The flipped classroom teaching model has obvious application advantages in the experimental teaching of medical histology, which is helpful to improve self-learning ability and independent thinking ability, and provides reference experience for other disciplines to carry out teaching reform in the future.

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  • Research on Process Control of Maintenance and Management of Large Medical Equipment

    Ning Yang & Ying Tang

    Medical equipment can not only ensure the smooth progress of medical work, but also the integration of modern medical technology development, especially large-scale medical equipment such as X-ray machine, CT scanner, nuclear magnetic resonance, laser therapeutic apparatus, etc. It is also an important property and medical technology of hospitals. In order to improve the efficiency of the use of medical equipment, we must pay attention to the maintenance and management of equipment, but from the current situation, most of the large-scale medical equipment is imported original products, the original factory and suppliers are responsible for after-sales service, and the protection of intellectual property rights has made it impossible for technicians in the hospital to undertake maintenance tasks and limit the use of medical equipment. Based on the above backgrounds, this paper discusses the maintenance and control process of large medical equipment, and hopes to provide references for the hospital to carry out medical equipment management.

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  • Analysis of Brain MRI in Newborn with Different Bilirubin Level

    Zhongxing Lu 1 *,# & Fen Wang 2,# & Xiaodong Sun 2 & Yuan Gu 2 & Qianqian Wang 2

    Objective: To explore whether there is abnormalities of newborns’ brain MRI in different bilirubin levels, and provide an objective basis for early diagnosis of brain subclinical damage by bilirubin. Methods: The 103 newborn patients, admitted to department of neonatology, Taicang First People’s Hospital from March 2013 to September 2015, were retrospectively analyzed by their clinical materials. According to total serum bilirubin concentration (TSB), the children were divided into three groups. The mild group was 16 cases (TSB: 0.0 ~ 229.0 μmol/L), and the moderate group was 49 cases (TSB: 229.0 ~ 342.0 μmol/L), 38 patients in the severe group (TSB ≥ 342.0 μmol/L).The routine brain MRI examination was performed and the radiological datas were analyzed. Results: We found that 21 cases among 103 patients were complicated with MRI abnormal changes, including 5 patients in the early stage, 8 patients in middle stage and 8 patients in late stage. The difference of bilirubin value between the three groups is significant (P < 0.01). Whereas, there was no significant difference of abnormalities of brain MRI among the different groups (P > 0.05). The bilirubin level and brain MRI abnormal changes did not differ between pre-term and full-term neonates groups (P > 0.05). No significant difference was found in the abnormalities of brain MRI between two groups of newborns birth weight <2500g and ≥2500g. Conclusion: Central nervous system damage may also occur at low levels of bilirubin, which can be detected by MRI. Meanwhile, MRI can also provide early imaging signs of central nervous system in NHB children without acute bilirubin encephalopathy clinical features, which can help diagnose the disease and provide clues for early treatment and intervention.

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  • Changes and Clinical Significance of Blood Electrolytes in 203 Children with Febrile Convulsion

    Fen Wang & Yueqin Gu

    The change of blood electrolyte is of great significance in febrile convulsion in children and is likely to be an important inducing factor of febrile convulsion in children, or even be one of the direct reasons. In this study, the average levels of electrolytes such as blood sodium and blood calcium in FC were compared and analyzed to provide reference for further prevention and treatment of FC.

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  • Teaching reform of Engineering Drawing Course Based on Innovation Competition

    Jing Liu

    With the proposal of China manufacture 2025, more and more attention has been paid to innovative design. So it is significant to combine innovation competition with engineering graphics teaching. This paper analyzes the promotion of innovation competition to engineering drawing teaching and the content of innovation competition. The content of innovative competition investigation is integrated into engineering drawing course. This can improve students' interest in learning, cultivate students' innovative ability and innovative ideas and promote students' initiative in innovation so as to achieve the goal of cultivating innovative talents. The fusion between the innovation competition and the teaching course also promotes the teaching of engineering drawing and improves the quality of teaching.

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  • How Chinese Primary School Teachers Teach Mathematics: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experiment Primary School

    Lihua Chen & Xiaosong Wang & Huijun Xing & Fang Ni & Dacheng Zhao & Tiedao Zhang

    The international comparative studies on students’ achievements in mathematics discovered that students from China consistently outperform their Western counterparts. This paper is a part of a series of four reports, which trace the origin of mathematics achievement from practice of mathematics education in Chinese primary schools by taking Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School as a case to explore the factors affecting students’ mathematics performance. The study reported in this paper investigated how primary school teachers teach mathematics to provide a rich descriptions about Chinese teachers’ teaching activities in terms of integrating mathematics teaching and research activities, designing teaching. classroom teaching, and assigning and assessing students’ assignments.

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