• Using an Adaptive E-Learning Curriculum to Enhance Digital Literacy: Challenges and Opportunities

    Rhian Morgan; Sharon Bryan; Kathryn Meldrum; Bronwyn Mathiesen; Angela Hill

    Universities have established the need for digital literacies as key graduate outcomes and must support students’ development in these areas. In an era of widening participation, it is erroneous to assume all students will enter the sector with the technological skills required to support their studies. While some may be skilled technology users, many will lack the digital competencies required for academic success. Students need support for developing digital literacies, but explicit teaching may lead to frustration, as some are forced to “learn” skills they possess, while others are lost in the crowd. Adaptive learning technologies are particularly suited to addressing student diversity, as they automatically adjust to individual student’s needs. This paper documents the development of a digital literacies curriculum that uses an adaptive e-Learning platform to prepare students for technology-rich academic environments. The curriculum was co-developed by academics and librarians and consists of lessons on information, data and media literacies, and online identity management. The paper outlines the pedagogical underpinnings of the lessons, alongside the challenges and opportunities observed during the development process, and reflects on the impacts of adaptive technologies on teaching in blending learning environments.

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  • Values Education in College English Classrooms: Integrating Theory and Practice

    Zhao Jing

    The representation of social values in English as a Foreign Language textbooks has never been a focal point in English education in China since it was restored as a compulsory subject in secondary and higher education. The ensuing rapid economic growth and excessive advocacy of accumulation of material wealth resulted in further negligence of moral education in higher education coursework, with lamentations over the absence of values education in college classrooms and declining values in youth heard from time to time. Given this, the Chinese government and educational authorities began to attach importance to moral and values education among college students. However, how can moral values be taught in college English classrooms? In an effect to answer this question and combining theory and practice, this paper investigates how values and moral education are incorporated into the college English curriculum and practices of integrating Chinese core/fundamental values into English language teaching.

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  • A New Border Pedagogy to Foster Intercultural Competence to Meet the Future Global Challenges

    Christopher Walsh; Louise Townsin

    The act of border crossing provides unprecedented opportunities for children, young people, and adults to develop intercultural competencies and skills that better enable them to live together mindfully. We present a new border pedagogy based on the concept of hybridity that works to build students’ and citizens’ intercultural competence by encouraging them to embrace potential miscommunication and intercultural conflict. By learning how to embrace hybridity, students can work productively to put what is known into crisis by constantly blurring and problematising boundaries, binaries, and identities. Our new border pedagogy promotes living ‘together-in-difference’ by encouraging students to critically interrogate issues of difference they face as they border cross. The border pedagogy for living together-in-difference encourages students to embrace intercultural conflict and potential miscommunication because of the questions and wonderings it kindles and inspires. Importantly, it presents a pedagogy that assists educators in building on the educational goals of the Melbourne Declaration and engaging effectively with the Australian Curriculum’s cross-curriculum priorities so students can prosper individually, collectively, and communally in a globalised world.

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  • Research Synthesis on the Driving Factors of Enterprises to Exercise Environmental Responsibility and the Influences on the Value of Enterprises

    Li Shuqi

    The environmental responsibility of a company affects the sustainable development of the company. However, there is no consensus on the definition of corporate environmental responsibility and the impact of corporate’s exercising corporate environmental responsibility on the value of the corporation. Through systematic and comprehensive research and review of domestic and foreign references, this paper summarizes the perspectives and various driving factors on corporate environmental responsibility. The paper also discusses the relationship between corporate environmental responsibility and corporate value. It summarizes the possible research methods and directions of corporate environmental responsibility and factors that affect corporate value, which may provide a model and reference for future research and development.

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  • Cultivating Media Literacy in College English Teaching by Highlighting China’s Core Values in the Digital Age

    Xu Qing

    With the increasing reliance on digital technologies and online media for teaching and learning, College English Teaching (hereafter referred to as CET) is facing unprecedented challenges in Chinese universities. The study reported in this paper investigated the issues of college students’ dependence on online media and its consequences, which demonstrated that it is necessary to integrate media literacy education into CET to enhance students’ language learning ability through digital communications. The paper argues that China’s core values should be emphasized when cultivating college students’ media literacy in CET in the digital media era.

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  • Research on Effectiveness of Differential Leadership of Chinese Enterprises under Cultural Context

    Hu Xinting; Li Shuqi

    In view of the effectiveness of differential leadership, there are still controversies in academia. This study used meta-analysis techniques to explore the relationship between differential leadership and employee performance in the Chinese cultural context. Empirical studies were extracted with a total sample size of 5722. The results show that: first, there is a strong positive correlation between differential leadership and employee performance; second, there is no significant difference between differential leadership and employee in-role performance and employee out-role performance; third, different data sources influence the relationship between differential leadership and employee performance. Finally, the research deficiencies and prospects are proposed in the paper.

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  • A Comparison of Joint Habitation with Property Sharing and Tenancy by the Entirety: Case Study

    Wang Zhandong

    The Ye Daohe case (the Chinese case) and Sawada v. Endo case (the American case) demonstrated two completely different family property systems, namely joint habitation with property sharing, and tenancy by the entirety. Although both systems emphasize the integrity of the family property, there are still considerable differences. This paper analyzes their differences between family members from the aspects of the status of family members, the living conditions of family property, and the way of disposing of family property. On this basis, the paper further traces back to the source, and believes that these differences ultimately came from the social thoughts and social values it relies on. The Chinese take family interests as the center, and the American take personal interests as the center. They embody and maintain the differences between the two societies.

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  • The External Effects of Community Education for the Elderly: Theoretical Logic and Empirical Analysis

    Ju Xianghong

    Facing a global trend of population aging, community education as a quasi-public product for the elderly has been developed rapidly around the world. This paper argues that population aging has certain "internal effects" and "external effects". The study used the regression analysis method to undertake an empirical analysis on the spillover effect of the elderly participating in community education in Hangzhou and drew the corresponding research conclusions based on the theoretical logical analysis of the spillover effect of community education for the elderly. The paper also puts forward some suggestions to better promote the development of community education for the elderly in China.

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  • Optimization of Cake-Making Conditions with Potato Homogenate Based on Response Surface Methodology

    Li Lu

    This paper is an experimental report to study how to use potato homogenate to optimize cake-making conditions. In the experiment, potato homogenate, low gluten flour, and soft sugar were the main conditions. Other conditions include eggs, lemon juice, and baking powder. Response surface methodology was used to optimize the conditions for making cakes with potato homogenate. In the single factor experiment, the basic processing conditions of the potato homogenate cake were determined. Using the interaction of the three factors on the processing conditions of potato homogenate cake, the BBD experimental data was analyzed and processed by Design-Expert 7.0 software. The results show that the best conditions for preparing potato homogenate cake are as follows: the amount of potato homogenate is 103.4g, the amount of low gluten flour is 116.2g, the amount of soft sugar is 30.1g, and eggs, lemon juice, baking powder, corn oil, salt are added. Under certain baking conditions, compared with ordinary cakes, the cake made of potato homogenate has higher nutritional value, better color and taste, stronger flavor, and a unique potato flavor.

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  • Analysis of the Prescription and Compatibility Law for Ulcerative Colitis

    Hu Jixuan

    The study aims to analyze the prescription and compatibility law for Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and provide a theoretical basis for clinical treatment of UC. The pertinent literature of China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) in the past three years was used as the basic information source of therapeutic prescriptions for UC. The drug use in prescriptions was standardized, and the screened prescriptions were analyzed by frequency and frequent itemset in data mining technology. Through data mining, this study finds that Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz, Coptidis Rhizoma, and White Peony Root are core drugs in prescriptions for UC. There are 20 pairs of core compatibility. The general rules and characteristics of the Chinese medicine treatment for UC are summarized, which may provide references for the Chinese medicine treatment of UC.

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  • Racism in a Place of Healthcare: The Qualitative Case of a Rural Australian Hospital

    Christina Malatzky; Helen Haines; Kristen Glenister

    This article explores how racism manifests in a rural place of healthcare from the perspectives of patients - both a patient’s experience of racial vilification and patients’ racially prejudicial views towards healthcare providers. This article analyses two interview data sets. Contrasting themes of feeling ‘unwelcome and unsafe’ in the hospital and expressions of being ‘privileged and strong’ were identified. These themes illustrate the profound effects of racism on access and the maintenance of culturally unsafe environments for hospital patients, specifically those identifying as First Nation Australian, and emphasise the critical importance of cultural diversity within the rural health workforce. The analysis demonstrates how racism impacts upon and affects two central functions-accessibility and acceptance-in the provision of healthcare in rural places. It is suggested that a range of health actors, including policy makers, health service managers and translational researchers, need to converge on and engage with how racism manifests in contemporary rural healthcare settings to address issues of ‘race’ and racism in contemporary places of rural healthcare from multiple, intersecting subject positions.

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  • Developing Cross-Cultural Communicative Competence among Chinese University Students: A Survey Study

    Ma Shiyuan

    The guiding document University English Teaching states that “telling the China story well” is an important goal of teaching English in Chinese universities, which stresses the development of students’ cross-cultural communicative competence. This paper reports on a survey study that investigated the current state of Chinese university students’ cross-cultural communicative competence. The survey results suggest that, as part of a national strategy, greater emphasis should be given to cross-cultural communication within the English teaching curriculum at Chinese universities, and that we need to improve both our textbook materials and our methods for teaching cross-cultural communicative competence. The paper also discusses how to improve their cross-cultural communicative competence to “telling the China story well’ among Chinese university students in terms of “what to say” and “how to say”.

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  • Factors Influencing College Students’ Acquisition of COVID-19 Knowledge: Analysis of Online Questionnaire

    Xiao He; Yuqiu Xu; Qingqing Liang; JingwenYi; Lin Zhu; Bingqian Yu; Jie Li; Xiaonian Zhu; Chunhua Bei; Shengkui Tan

    The COVID-19 epidemic is a public health emergency of international concern, and there is a need to develop evidence-driven strategies for health education and reduce adverse psychological effects for college students during the epidemic. This study aims to survey college students to understand their levels of acquiring knowledge about COVID-19. An online questionnaire was used to collect students’ information on demographic data, knowledge about COVID-19, and channels and willingness to acquire knowledge about COVID-19. A significant difference in the passing rate of knowledge about epidemiology and “clinical diagnosis and treatment” was observed between the two groups (P < 0.01). It found that awareness of COVID-19 among college students was influenced by their gender, major, residence, and other personal characteristics.

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