• Gender Implications of Credit Use on Urban Catfish Production in Lagos State, Nigeria

    Funke Iyabo Olagunju

    The study examined the gender implication of credit use on concrete catfish production in Lagos State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was employed to select seventy-eight (78) male, and forty-two (42) female respondents in the study area. The data were obtained with the aid of well - structured questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistical tools such as frequency count, percentages and regression model. The result of the regression analysis revealed that there is a significant relationship between total revenue and cost of feed, amount of credit used, years of farming experience, size of pond and labour. The study also showed that the sum total of elasticities of variables was less than unity (i.e. 0.801), which indicates that fish production in the study area is in stage II, which is the rational stage of production. The result of the analysis showed that the average total cost per kilogram of catfish was N460.00 and the average total revenue per kg of fish was N 760.00k. This gives a gross margin of N480.80 per kilogram of fish produced. It was recommended that policies should be put in place in other to encourage women to have access to credit so as to make catfish farming attractive to younger women in particular as a means of livelihood in the urban settings.

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  • Quantification of Urban Leisure-Time Physical Activity (LTPA) Among University Students in South-West, Nigeria

    Ibraheem. T. O 1 & Ajibua. M.A 2 & Dominic. O. L 3

    Background: Regular participation in urban leisure-time physical activity is beneficial to human health. Despite its importance, it has continued to decline among Nigerians students, consequently leading to rising prevalence of chronic diseases and conditions. There is the need to understudy the various strata of the Nigerian population. Purpose: This study focused on the quantity of urban LTPA among university students with a view to facilitate intervention programmes. Methods: The study adopted descriptive survey design. All the students in public-owned universities in Southwestern Nigeria were used for the study. The sample for the study was 2,730 which was 10% of male and female students in penultimate and final classes in the selected universities using multi-stage sampling technique. The researchers’ constructed instrument was used to collect data. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and inferential statistics of t-test with 0.05 for statistical significance. Results: The study revealed that more than half of urban university students in Southwestern Nigeria were not meeting the international physical activity guidelines during leisure-time, sedentary, n = 1473 (52.6%); low intensity LTPA, n = 1796 (64.8%). Quality Physical Education in tertiary institutions geared towards skill development for students’ involvement in regular urban LTPA is recommended.

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  • Discussion on Capital Logic in Marx’s Theory and Its Practical Significance

    Jiaxi Wang

    Capital logic is based on the change law of the value of capital in the course of trading in the market, and derives the law of seeking profit maximization and value multiplication. On the one hand, Marx recognizes the historical role of the capital logic at the level of economic means; on the other hand, the capitalism utilizes the capital logic but denies the capital logic. Having a deep understanding Marx’s capital logic can effectively promote comprehending the market operation mechanism, which is conducive to the efficient development of productive forces and avoids the logic defect of capital.

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  • An Assessment of Models for Market-oriented Ecological Compensation Mechanism of an Application to the Middle-Yangtze-River Economic Region in China

    Lisha Tang 1.2 & Qingyun He 2

    As the middle-Yangtze-River region in China has enjoyed economic growth, rapid environmental changes are beginning to constrain economic development. The establishment of an ecological compensation mechanism may help align economic and ecological goals. This paper introduces the theory and practice of ecological compensation mechanisms, reviews prior applications, and explores adaptations needed to build an operational model of market-oriented ecological compensation mechanism in terms of basin, forest, natural reserves and mineral resources in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

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  • On the Dimensions of Urban Ecology Research

    Weihong Kuang 1. 2

    Urban ecology, which studies urban structure, function and dynamic coordination in ecological theory and methods, is a branch of urban science and ecology. Urban ecology is in the junction of natural science and social sciences. It is an applied ecology in development. Its rise only over 30 years has not formed a perfect theory and method system. Therefore, in order to strengthen the urban ecology research, it is necessary to know dimension of urban ecology research objects and research contents, urban ecology research method and the dimension of college students' learning, urban ecology research results and the urban ecological environment protection consciousness training dimension, urban ecology research level and college students' creative dimension.

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  • Low-carbon Leisure Life- the Perfect Trip of Habitat Environment Construction

    Liyu Chen

    With the rapid development of social productivity and the accumulation of wealth, the opportunities and potentials of leisure activities have been risen sharply. However, during the period of high-speed industrial society, people do not feel relaxed but depressed, causing the leisure alienation, which does harm to nature, society and human beings. Low-carbon leisure, as a lifestyle advocated by contemporary people, is a way to solve the current ecological problems, which can achieve relaxation, entertainment, individual development and nature returning simultaneously.

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  • Does Distance and Personal Circumstances of Trip Makers Matter to Mode Choice? Evidence from Urban Ghana

    Ernest Agyemang

    The paper presents empirical results from an August 2014 cross-sectional survey of short distance trip makers who reside in various communities in Kasoa, Teshie, and Madina in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area of Ghana. Specifically, the paper what urban trip makers in Ghana consider an acceptable distance for choosing active transport modes, together with mode choice determining factors. The primary data were subjected to rigorous statistical and geo-spatial/ proximity analyses in ArcGIS. The analyses show evidence of a high use of active transport modes within a walkable distance of 1000 metre radius between trip origins and trip destinations. Also, trip distance and educational status strongly predicted mode choice, although gender and age were also considered as important variables in mode choice. Policy actors must, therefore, focus attention on encouraging pedestrianisation through the provision of secure and unobstructed walkways.

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  • Research on the Big Data of Tourism Products Based on the Internet

    Rui Long

    With regard to the development trend of the tourism market and the current "big data" hot issue, this paper proposes the term of tourism products big data based on the enterprise management, puts forward the necessity of analyzing and mining the tourism products big data; through the comparative analysis of tourism big data and big data of tourism products, it also combines with examples to illustrate the priorities and functions of these three aspects. This paper emphasizes that researches on product big data can enhance (optimize) the enterprise's tourism products competitiveness, marketing mode, customer satisfaction, the combing of product service process and links, as well as the ability of rebuilding. The last part of the paper elaborates the big data processing method based on granular computing, and emphatically analyzes the constitution and access of tourism product big data, divides the data into 7 categories and 31 subcategories, and classifies the data information into static, relative dynamic and dynamic three types.

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  • Study on the National Security Review Legislation Related Issues of China’s Foreign Direct Investment

    Liyan Yang

    China has become one of the capital output countries in 2018.[1] The dual identity of investment in the host country and the home country put forward a severe challenge for China's foreign investment legislative reform. The BIT negotiation between China and the United States is still in process, the reform of China’s foreign investment law is also still in progress. That is one of the important principles of drafting the "the people's Republic of China for Foreign Investment Law (Draft)" that foreign national security review system being incorporated into the law of foreign investment and further improved in it. This article is intended for improving the design of the system of legal rules. It is important to reflect on selecting China’s national security review of foreign direct investment legislation mode by research existing legislative style national security review in the world, to combine the status quo of our national security review of legislation. Also it focus on the legal rules of FDI national security review in both China and US, respectively by comparing and analyzing two countries "scope of review" clause, "review content" clause and "review structure" clause, then to reflect on the system design issues of the national security review ,and provides that improvement recommendations for China's existing foreign investment of national security review of legislation: to erect the special law, to make sure of the scope of the review, to set carefully review security factors;to improve oversight review recommendations.

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  • On the Execution of Fine Penalty in Germany and Its Enlightenment to China

    Tianfa Li 1 & Shuying Chen 2

    With the trend that penalties of the world having become mitigated and efficient in recent years, all countries tend to improve the using rate of property penalty in the activity of punishing criminals. In Germany, property penalty acts the same role as freedom penalty, both being ruled as the main penalty. By being applied frequently in justice practice, property penalty has since been the hub of German punishment system. This article starts by making an overview of the history of German property penalties. Then, it mainly introduces relevant details of the execution of German property penalty, such as legal bases, executive departments, executive processes, executive ways, subjects and contents of execution and executive prescription. At last, by referring German property penalty system, the writer is trying to give 5 suggestions on the basis of the practical criminal justice of our country: “executive departments which are scientifically defining property penalty” , “building probation system for paying penalties”, “setting up a substitutional system for property penalty”, “clearing the executive range of property penalties” and “adding the executive prescription for property penalties”.

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  • Ancient Chinese Thoughts and Contemporary Chinese View of Sovereignty

    Yonghong Yang

    Contemporary China is the hybrid of heritage and modernity, continuity and change. Chinese ancient thoughts can been tracked in almost every aspects of Chinese current society. It has heavily influenced China’s internal affairs and has a substantial effect on China’s foreign policies as well. China has actually integrated selectively traditional thoughts into modern international systems for the best of its own national interests. The idea of a community of common destiny and “one belt and one road” initiative obviously connect comtemptory China with its extrodinary Chinese traditional civilization. The traditional idea of “ great unification” is decisive for China’s strong sense of territorial integrity and unwavering position on Taiwan, Hongkong, Tibet, Xingjiang, and Maco. The outdated tributary system is the profound root of “One country, two system”, “one China Policy” and “one China principle”. China’s adherence to nonintervention principle can also attribute to ancient China’s thoughts. However, it is worth to emphasize that the Tianxia view was abandoned and now still in limbo because it is in conflict with sovereignty principle no matter how influential China’s ancient thoughts are. Undeniably, analysing the relative ancient China’s thoughts is the easy way to understand China’s current perception on sovereignty.

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  • On the Connotation of Reform Suggestions of Delegating Power Strengthening Regulation and Optimizing Service in the Field of Higher Education in China

    Yinɡsen He & Xiaoyan Xu

    In the light of the structure and quality problems of higher education, on the basis of streamlining administration and instituting decentralization as well as delegating power and strengthening regulation, with the adjustment of power relations, system reform and innovation as means, the vitality of university running is excited, and the optimization service reform in the field of higher education is actively promoted. Based on the analysis of state-related policies, this paper probes into the connotation of the reform of streamlining administration and instituting decentralization, delegating power and strengthening regulation, and optimizing service in the field of higher education.

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  • Analysis of Influential Elements in Autonomous English Study to the Chengnan Independent College of the CUST Backed by the Network Environment

    Chunxia Luo

    This paper adopts the questionnaire method to investigate the autonomous learning and training model of the students in the Chengnan College of Changsha University of Science and Technology (CUST) in the network environment. The purpose is to study students' learning motivation, learning strategies, as well as the expectation of teacher's role, so as to explore the students' autonomous learning and training methods: to stimulate students' learning motivation, to cultivate students’ interest; to optimize the students' meta-cognitive strategies, to cultivate their cognitive strategies and social emotional strategies; to change the traditional teacher’s role into guide, evaluator, motivator, monitor and moderator,which will help to cultivate the comprehensive English ability for the students.

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  • Practice of Mathematics Education in Chinese Primary Schools: A Case Study of Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School

    Lihua Chen & Xiaosong Wang & Huijun Xing & Fang Ni & Dacheng Zhao & Tiedao Zhang

    In recent years, Chinese students' mathematics achievement ranks among the top in various international surveys and competitions, which has aroused widespread interest in academic circles around the world. This paper is a part of a series of four reports, which trace the origin of mathematics achievement from practice of mathematics education in Chinese primary schools by taking Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School as a case to explore the factors affecting students’ mathematics performance. The case study investigated the status quo and characteristics of Chinese primary school mathematics education from the aspects of Chinese mathematics standards and curriculum, primary school students’ mathematics learning, teachers’ teaching characteristics, and the school’s teaching quality assurance practices. This paper provides the background of Beijing Chaoyang Experimental Primary School and the application of the national mathematics standards and mathematics curriculum at the school.

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  • The Application of Flipped Classroom in Pathology Postgraduates’ Experimental Technology Course

    Yongji Zhang & Yanhua Xuan*

    To cultivate and improve the theoretical level and experimental operation ability of experimental techniques for pathology postgraduates, a new teaching model of flipped classroom was implemented in the pathology postgraduate experimental technology course, and the differences between flipped classroom and traditional teaching modes were analyzed and compared. In the theoretical examinations and experimental skills examinations for the two groups of graduate students, the scores of pathology graduate students in the experimental group has been improved, and over half of the graduate students favor the flipped classroom teaching mode. The study found that flipping classroom teaching mode promoted and improved the application of theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of pathology graduates, and at the same time it promoted their interest in self-directed learning.

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  • Application of Natural Childbirth Clinical nursing pathway in Improving the Effect of Obstetric Health Education

    Xiaoyan Qi

    Objective: to explore the influence of clinical nursing pathwayway on improving health education effect in obstetric natural childbirth. Methods: use full double-blind method to divide the 96 natural parturients treated in our hospital during April 2016 to August 2017 into the control group (n= 8 cases) and the observation group (n=48 cases); the routine health education and the health education in clinical nursing pathway are given to them; the intervention effects of the two groups are evaluated. Results: the observation group is superior to the control group in negative emotion score, health knowledge mastery score and nursing satisfaction rate after intervention(P<0.05). Conclusion: the clinical nursing pathwayway is used to give health education to natural parturients to improve the cognitive level, eliminate negative psychology and improve nursing satisfaction.

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  • Reflections on the Honesty and Trustworthiness Education for Undergraduates in Colleges and Universities

    Lu Li

    Being honest and trustworthy is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Among the contemporary college students, most of the students have the lack of good faith, and the honesty and trustworthiness education in colleges and universities is also poor. Therefore, the paper aims at finding out the present situation and main reasons of the college students’ lack of honesty and trustworthiness by explaining the connotation and significance of honesty and trustworthiness education for college students, then has a discussion about it, and finally puts forward some thoughts to solve the problem, which are of great significance to solve the problem of honesty and trustworthiness education of college students.

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  • Analysis of Risk Factors for Deep Venous Thrombosis in Patients with Advanced Tumor

    Shuqin Cao

    Objective: To explore the risk factors of deep venous thrombosis in patients with advanced tumor and provide reference for clinical prevention and treatment. Methods: 100 patients with advanced tumor who developed deep venous thrombosis from March, 2013 to March, 2014 were selected as observation group. 100 patients with advanced tumor who did not develop deep venous thrombosis were selected as the control group. Risk factors of patients who developed deep venous thrombosis were analyzed, and the multivariate logistic regression analysis was done on risk factors. After 24 months of analyzing these patients, the survival rate of two groups was concluded. Results: The results of single factor analysis showed that the distant metastasis, central venous indwelling catheter, diabetes, infection, blood transfusion, platelet count of patients in two groups were more than 350×109 g/L, D dimer was less than 500 ug/dl and P is less than 0.05. According to multivariate logistic regression analysis, the distant metastasis (OR=7.382, transfusion therapy (OR=1.458)) and infection (OR=3.256) were the risk factors of deep venous thrombosis in patients with advanced tumor, P<0.05; the mean survival time of the observation group was (10.8±2.4) months which was significantly shorter than that of the control group (16.7±3.1) months, P<0.05. The survival rate for 12 months of observation group was significantly lower than the control group 68.0%, P <0.05. After treatment, all patients were effective in 3 days; 70 patients were cured, among which the 12 patients was effective and 18 patients died; the total effective rate was 82.0%. Conclusion: There are many influence factors of deep venous thrombosis in patients with advanced tumor, such as the distant metastasis, transfusion therapy and infection; meanwhile, deep venous thrombosis has certain influence on the prognosis of patients with advanced tumor, so clinical health education and management should be strengthened; at the same time, prevention and treatment work should be done well.

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  • Value Analysis of Immunohistochemical Method Applied to Detection of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer EML4-ALK Fusion Gene

    Bingbing Yu 1 & Liqun Cao 2

    Objective: To explore the value of immunohistochemical method (IHC) applied in the detection of non-small cell lung cancer( NSCLC) EML4-ALK fusion gene. Methods: The clinical data of 118 patients with NSCLC treated from July 2016 to July 2017 were analyzed. All patients accepted the detection of EML4-ALK fusion gene, they were divided into control group and research group according to the test methods; the former uses PCR method while the latter uses IHC method. The results of the two groups of EML4-ALK fusion genes and the diagnostic efficacy of IHC were compared. Results: The positive rate of EML4-ALK fusion gene in the research group was 13.55%, and there is no significant difference compared with the control group ( P> 0.05). The positive rate of females in the research group and the control group was 14.70% and 11.76% respectively, higher than that of males; the positive rate of patients less than 60 years old was 17.50% and 13.75%, higher than that of patients more than 60 years old; the positive rate of metastasis of NSCLC was 18.51% and 14.81%, higher than that without metastasis; the positive rate of detection of low differentiated adenocarcinoma was 14.28% and 14.28%, higher than that of middle and high differentiated adenocarcinoma (P <0.05). Conclusion: The detection of EML4-ALK fusion gene by IHC method for NSCLC patients has higher diagnostic efficiency, which can guide clinical drug treatment and has popularization and application value.

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  • The Nurses’ Cognition and Countermeasures of the Causes of Neurosurgical Nursing Crisis

    Jing Zhang & Zheng Zhu

    Objective: To study the cognitive status of neurosurgical nurses on the causes of nursing crisis and to develop scientific solutions. Methods: 54 neurosurgical nursing staff who worked in our hospital from January 2016 to December 2016 were selected as the objects of study; this paper analyzes the causes of neurosurgical nursing crisis, makes questionnaires to survey the degree of knowledge of the causes of nursing crisis, then develops a targeted crisis management plan and observe the cognitive level of nurses before and after intervention and the degree of satisfaction of patients. Results: ① With regard to the causes of neurosurgical nursing crisis, the order of the cognitive level of nursing staff is nursing quality (84.8%), nurses’ professional level (73.7%), patient factors (59.26%), medical expenses (51. 85%), nursing relationship (44.44%), ward management system (37.04%), human resources management (35.19 per cent); ② After the intervention, the cognitive rate of the causes of nursing crisis for nurses is significantly higher than that before intervention( P<0.05). ③ After intervention, the satisfaction score of patient nursing is significantly higher than that before intervention( P<0.05). Conclusion: The cognitive level of the causes of nursing crisis for neurosurgical nurses is generally low; thus personnel training should be strengthened; the related management system should be perfected; nursing quality can be optimized; the risk of nursing risks can be reduced as much as possible, and the safety of medical treatment for patients is guaranteed.

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  • Evaluation of the Safety of Laparoscope in Radical Resection for Colorectal Cancer

    Zhiqiang Li

    Objective: To explore the therapeutic effect of conventional laparotomy and laparoscopic radical resection for colorectal cancer. Methods: 62 patients with colorectal cancer who were admitted to our hospital from January 2015 to June 2017 were selected as the objects of study. They were divided into two groups according to the operating methods of patients; in the control group, 31 patinets were treated with laparotomy radical resection for colorectal cancer; in the experimental group, 31 patients were treated with laparoscopic radical resection for colorectal cancer; the efficacy and safety of the two groups were evaluated. Results: ① The operation indicators and postoperative recovery time in the experimental group were superior to those in the control group (P<0.05); ② the levels of postoperative inflammatory factors in the experimental group were significantly lower than those in the control group (P<0.05); ③ the postoperative hormone levels in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group (P<0.05); ④ the incidence rate of complications in the experimental group was significantly lower than that in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusion: The risk of radical operation of laparoscopic colorectal cancer is low; the damage to the body is small; there are few complications and its safety is high; it is an effective means for the treatment of colorectal cancer, which is worthy of reference.

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  • Study of Current Situation of Agri-tech Transfer in an Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China

    Xingxing Zhou & *Jianxiong Li & Jianfeng Liu & Yan Yin & Guoping Zeng

    Agri-tech achievements transformation plays an important role in agriculture in order to realize their value. Taking the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China as an example of agricultural research institutes, this paper mainly introduces the transformation model. Moreover, the measures adopted by the academy and the results achieved were introduced, and several suggestions for furthering improving the transformation of agri-tech achievements were put forward. This article hopes to provide some references to the researchers and goverments in researching and implementing the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements all over the world.

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