• Work-life Balance and Retention of Bank Employees in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

    Dr. (Mrs) Rebecca Dei Mensah

    The banking industry in Ghana is one industry that suffers the risk of labour turnover due to intensive competition which puts pressure on employees who have to meet the demands of the work and at the same time demands from the family. The focus of this empirical study was to examine the effects of work life balance on the retention of employees in the banking industry in Accra, Ghana. The study followed an explanatory cross-sectional survey design and was undertaken in the Accra Metropolitan Area. A sample size of 342 employees of banks was used for the study. A Binary Logistic regression analysis was conducted to find out how well the work-life balance could predict employee retention. The findings indicate that work-life balance significantly predicted employee retention. The banks should therefore provide some level of flexibility because work-life balance appears to be important to employees in the industry. It is recommended that the banking industry pays attention to its human resources so that they could achieve a competitive advantage through them. It is also recommended that the banks collaborate with universities and other academic institutions for research on problems confronting them so that the best solutions could be derived for effective management of human resource.

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  • The Four Schools Affecting American Foreign Policy and the History & Future of Sino-US Relations

    Deluo Zheng & Yiping Zheng

    Four foreign policy schools, Jeffersonianism, Hamiltonism, Jacksonism and Wilsonism, jointly dominated American foreign policy, including China policy. These four schools are rooted in the unique political culture and political system of the United States and have inherent unity. They quarrel and struggle, but often reach consensus and move forward together. In the several stages of the evolution of Sino-US relations, these schools come and go. Sino-US economic and trade relations have continued to develop, and political friction has been constant. During Trump's administration, Jacksonism played a leading role, greatly reducing the ideological pressure on China, but the economic, trade and military pressures are likely to increase constantly.

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  • A Comparative Study of Negation Structure in Shakespearean English and Present-day (Australian) English

    Qiang Li

    Shakespearean English belongs to Early Modern English, which is somewhere between Middle English and Modern English. This means there are many similarities and differences with Present-day (Australian) English. From the perspective of syntax, the similarities and differences between Shakespearean English and Modern Australian English are evident. Negative words in sentences, negative sentence structures, negation scope of negative words and strengthening of negation are analysed and compared in this paper, so as to help readers better understand Shakespearean English.

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  • The relationship between language learning strategies and gender: a study of ESL learners in China

    Huanzhang An

    Gender differences in LLS (language learning strategy) use has been studied for years. However, there is still no consistency over gender impact on LLS use. The aim of this study is to investigate whether or not gender differences in LLS use exist among ESL (English as a second language) learners in China.

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  • A Philosopher on Death: A Study of Initiation Theme in Hamlet

    Yihang Qin

    William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as both the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. The story of Shakespeare’s Hamlet was derived from the story of Amlethus’s revenge for his father in Denmark in the ninth century, which was written by the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus. The talented Shakespeare transformed this legendary tale into a vivid, thoughtful medieval revenge story full of blood and terror, which reflects the face of the time and is admired throughout the world. As the play goes on, Hamlet has also grown up from a young man with many personality defects to a mature man who has done his mission finally, which therefore, this play can be recognized as an initiation play. To interpret the initiation theme in the play, this paper has used Rui Yuping’s theory structure. According to her, a young protagonist would first experience some growing pains and then lead on the journey of his growing. After an awakening self and epiphany, he would not feel confused anymore thus would become an adult successfully. This paper has analyzed these three major parts of the growing progress of Hamlet. “Mentor and partner” are also terminologies created by Rui. This paper has also analyzed the negative mentor Old Hamlet and the partner Horatio. After a review of literature home and abroad, only three articles in China have mentioned Hamlet’s initiation theme, and only one of them has mentioned Rui Yuping’s theory without using the theory structure. Considering this, using Rui Yuping’s theory structure to interpret Hamlet’s initiation theme is relatively new in the interpretation of Hamlet. Hope this paper could provide a new perspective for interpreting Hamlet.

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  • The Necessity of Strengthening Ideological Governance in the New Media Era

    Liang Zhang

    Strengthening ideological governance in the new media era is not only a summary of the history of the Party, but also an important measure for the development of the Party and the state based on practical problems. It is also a unity of history and theory, practice and dialogue, and is of great significance for the new development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

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  • The Feasibility Analysis of American Small and Medium Sized Companies Expanding into Chinese Market: A Case study of the World Art Group

    Jiawei Lu

    An increasing number of American small and medium sized companies has been attempting to expand into Chinese market but do not make significant progress. This research takes a typical American small and medium-sized company, the World Art Group as an example, to explore whether Chinese market can provide potential opportunities for those companies.

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  • A Critical Discuss about the Management Control System and its Implementation with Top Managers

    Ning Yang

    This article addresses the under contingency-based views how management control systems theoretically begin with and the implementation challenges. Newly appointed top executive managers are confronted with strategic managerial atmosphere and misunderstanding from subordinates, which means they have inadequate effective information to make decision. Whereas an efficient management control systems could become the coadjutant. Implementing management control systems within organization still require certain conditions and internal environment.

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  • Four Major Trends in the Development of Foreign Language Teaching in Chinese Universities since the Reform and Opening-up

    Wei Liu

    Since the reform and opening-up, college foreign language teaching in China has made remarkable development achievements and played an indelible and important role in China’s gradual development and integration into the world. The trend of its development is reflected in the change of teaching concept from instrumental to humanistic. For example, the teaching theory is becoming more and more localized, emphasizing the register environment; the teaching method changes from single to multiple, emphasizing the prominent role of science and technology; the modernization direction of foreign language education policy and strategic planning is becoming more and more clear, and the development of foreign language teaching is constantly promoted in the deepening of opening-up.

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  • The Measures of Quality Assurance System in Technical Colleges

    Xiaojing Hou

    The popularization of higher education adapts to the rapid development of society, but it also brings the problem of incomplete development. From IQA, it is necessary to improve the system and structure, from EQA, to change ideas and increase the provision of quality resources. Improving the quality of education must be supervised and monitored. Effective internal and external supervision can make the quality change from assurance to improvement.

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  • On the shaping of hero image in the TV series A Great River

    Xiaoju Deng

    There are some successes and some shortcomings in the creation of heroic images in the TV series "A Great River". There are two points of success: the shape of the heroes expresses the theme that is people create history; the main characters are multidimensional and vivid. There are also two shortcomings: the lack of female heroes cannot truly reflect the modern women; the minor characters lack distinct personalities and fail to impress the audience. Based on reality and focusing on The Times, the TV series "A Great River" truly reflects the vicissitudes of China's reform and praises the excellent qualities of ordinary working people, which has a very positive social significance.

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  • Pricing Model of Commoditization in Privacy in the Era of Big data

    Xiaozheng Liu & Jianyu Cui & Yin Cheng

    In the era of big data, everyone’s information will be stored, processing and analyzed. The problems related to the right of privacy are more extensive, and we think the right of privacy is the basic right of human-beings, and has the attribute of property right. So,we need a complete set of theory to assess the cost of PI and establish a pricing system to measure the potential gain from keeping data private. Firstly,we want to categorize individuals into subgroups with reasonably similar levels of risk. Because we want to study the fuzzy evaluation object by precise digital tools, we adopt the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to establish a Privacy risk assessment index system, and use the transaction coefficient to describe the level of the risk. Considering the prices can reflect the reality and realize the maximum social benefit, we set up the model for cost of privacy by using the VCG Auction mechanism based on the Privacy risk assessment index system; we call it the cost of privacy model. Through the model, we design a pricing structure for PI. In other words, we can implement the pricing of privacy information at various risk levels. If we turn PI into a commodity, considering the problem of asymmetric information of IP is more serious than PP and IP, we establish a pricing system called the pricing model of commercialized privacy information based on the cost of privacy model. This model simulated the trading process of privacy information from the point of view of buyer and seller, and set up the pricing formula from the degree of trust between the buyer and seller and the maturity degree of the market.

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  • Teachers’ Professional Development in Newly-Built Universities in West China

    Xuhong Wang

    Based on higher requirements on teachers’ professional competence in universities, the author argues that teachers’ development is influenced by various factors. In this paper, author analysed dilemma teachers have to confront and put forward some suggestions. First, government should increase the funding and policy makers should improve necessary working conditions: an effective communication platform, guarantee system, evaluation system and a mechanism for teachers to participate in decision-making. Second, stimulate teachers’ self-professional development consciousness and enhance their motive and drive. Third, major development should integrate with modern educational technology.

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  • Three errors of "Yanxi’s strategy" plot

    Yongqing Yi 1,2 & Xiaoju Deng 3

    The drama series "Yanxi’s strategy" set off a frenzy of movie-watching, but there are three mistakes in the plot: the plot space is limited in the palace, the narrative Angle is single plane, the lack of deep meaning; the characters lack a clear sense of independence, slave personality is serious; the conflict between the positive characters appears in the form of conspiracy and intrigue, with poor ideological guidance. These misunderstandings in the strategy of the jubilee are also the major mistakes in the current domestic palace fighting dramas.

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  • Research on Coupling and Coordinating Development of Urbanization Quality and Basic Public Services at Large Regional Scale: Take Shanxi Province as an example

    Zefang Li & Fengqun Wei

    The improvement of social basic public services affects the improvement of the quality of urbanization, and the relationship between them is close and complex. Taking Shanxi Province as an example, this paper uses the method of entropy to determine the weight of indicators, and evaluates the urbanization quality and the quality of basic public services of each city, and then makes an in-depth analysis of the coupling and coordination relationship between them. The results show that: (1) The quality of urbanization and basic public services in Shanxi are generally low; (2) There is a big gap in the quality of urbanization, especially between the two poles, and the urbanization quality index has obvious hierarchical characteristics. (3) The gap of the quality of basic public services is relatively small, the development is not balanced, and it is generally spindle-shaped; (4) The coupling and coordination degree of each city is generally not high, most cities belong to the moderate and low coordination and coupling type, lacking the extremely coordination and coupling city. Further research finds that the coupling and coordinated development of urbanization quality and basic public service quality is closely related to the economic development, financial expenditure, development concept, government policy, geographical location, traffic conditions and other factors.

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  • Research on Rural Tourism Development Path Based on Nostalgia Triggering Elements

    Zhanqi Li & Lingyun Huang & Weijun Liao

    Forty years of reform and opening up, rural urbanization and urban tourists' yearning for nostalgic pastoral life have formed a strong contrast, resulting in new tourism demand. From the perspective of nostalgia connotation, nostalgia triggering factors, interest subjects and products, this paper explores the new path of rural tourism development and provides a reference for diversified rural tourism development.

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  • Discussion on "Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation" of Electric Vehicles from " Social Acceptance"

    Xiao Li

    Electric vehicles are vehicles that use electricity as energy source and electric motors as power source. The difference between electric vehicle and engine vehicle is that it does not need gearbox and its structure is relatively simple. Emil EKeller invented the electric car in 1894. As a result, it began to appear on the world stage. From the perspective of the popularization mode of electric vehicles in Norway, there is no need to worry about the environmental pollution caused by electricity generation if it is replaced by cleaner generation methods such as hydroelectric power generation, so the popularization of electric vehicles can be regarded as positive to the environment and society. If the power source is still thermal power, and electric vehicles continue to be forcibly promoted under such a background, not only the atmospheric environment problem is difficult to improve, but also the government unilaterally implemented high subsidies for electric vehicles will be difficult to reflect its due value.

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  • Research on the Educational Practice Quality Evaluation System of Biology Normal Universities in Normal Universities

    Xiaoyan Xu & Helong Zhang & Yingsen He

    Educational practice is an important link in the education and teaching of undergraduate normal universities in China. Aiming at how to evaluate the quality of teaching practice in normal universities, this paper takes the teaching practice of biology as an example, adopts the analytic hierarchy process and comprehensive analysis method, takes personal ability, practice attitude, classroom teaching, class teacher work, educational scientific research and field practice as the main evaluation indexes, designs and puts forward a kind of Quality Evaluation System of Biology Education Practice in Normal Universities.

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  • Study on Optimizing the Production Conditions of Potato Granules Cake by Orthogonal Method

    Lu Li & Hong Liu *

    In this experiment, the best formula of potato raw granules cake was determined by single factor experiments and orthogonal experiments. The variables of those experiments contain the proportion of potato granules and cake flour and bread flour, and the amount of sucrose and eggs. The results showed that the optimal formula was as follows: mixing ratio (In 600g, and the mass ratio of potato granules to cake flour to bread flour) 2:1:1, fine white sugar 500g, egg 1400g. With this formula, the color of potato cake is superior. Taste is also softer. Potato flavor is more obvious. It has higher nutritional value.

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  • Thermal Analysis and Design of the Load Cabin of Near Space Based on Finite Element Method

    Chunmin Tian 1,2,3 & Min Huang 1,2,3 & Lulu Qian 1,2* & Zhanchao Wang 1,2,3

    Due to the particularity of the geographical location of the near space, more and more attention has been paid by the countries around the world. Considering the complex and changeable thermal environment in the near space, the finite element method is used to analyze the thermal environment of the load cabin in this paper. The design of the load cabin is based on this analysis. Firstly, it is necessary to analyze the ways of heat transfer, and the heat control measures would be designed for the load cabin. Then, the finite element model is established by the ANSYS software after the boundary conditions of the thermal analysis being clearly defined. Finally, the temperature distribution of the surface of the loads is calculated by the module of Icepak, thus the design parameters can be optimized and the optimal results are obtained. The simulation results show that the thermal control measures can keep the temperature of the load cabin above 0℃ under the environment of the near space. And it would facilitate the start and operation of the devices in the load cabin. Above all, it would lay the foundation for the scientific experiment in the near space.

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  • (g, f)- Factorization (m, r) – Orthogonal To Bipartite Graphs

    Guoxiang Gui

    Let be a graph with vertex set and edge set ,let and be two nonnegetive integer-valued functions defined on such that for every . Then a -factor of is a spanning subgraph of such that for each . Let be a bipartite -graph,there are two conclusions: (1)If for each , Set is -subgraph with vertex disjoint, then has a - factorization orthogonal to every (2)If for each , is a subgraph of with edges,then there exists a -factorization -orthogonal to H.

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  • Plastic Surgery and Postoperative Survival of Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Ye Zhang 1 & Yawen Gao 2 & Zhen Zhang 3 & Huachang Zhang 2 & Jinzhi Liu 2

    Objective: In order to study the effect and effect of orthopedic surgery on patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC). Methods: There are 72 cases of CSCC were admitted to our hospital from September 2016 to April 2019, all patients underwent plastic surgery, and the results were compared. Results: The results showed that all patients were treated for 3 years after treatment. The overall survival rate was 69 (95.83%), which was higher than the 2-year overall survival rate of 58 cases (80.56%), and the 1-year overall survival rate was 43 cases (59.72%). The comparison was very significant (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The authors conclude that after using plastic surgery for CSCC patients can maximize the 3-year overall survival rate,which can be promoted.

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