• Teachers Professional Development at Public Campuses of Nepal

    Dinesh Panthee

    Teacher Professional Development helps to develop various kinds of professional skills, knowledge, techniques, and ICTs used in teaching and learning. The purpose of this study was to find out the attitude and practice of teachers on teacher professional development in public campuses. It also aimed to find out the existing policies and provisions regarding the modalities of teachers’ professional development at public campuses. This study was based on a qualitative research design with phenomenological methods. The participants of the study were two teachers from the different public campuses of Rupendehi district, Nepal. They were selected using a purposive sampling method. The data were collected by taking in-depth interviews of the participants using unstructured guideline questions. The interview questions were directed to the participant’s experiences, feelings, beliefs, and convictions about the theme in the research questions. The findings of this study revealed that teachers’ professional development is the most important factor for improving teachers professionally, academically, and technically, but the professional development activities of the public campaigns are not satisfactory.

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  • Innovative Teaching Practices and Talent Development Under the Concept of Integration of Science and Education

    Linrong Zhang, Siyu Zhu, Xiaoqian Pan

    The world's scientific and technological revolution, national economic energy level, and the value of the civilization of the times have extensively and profoundly affected and changed all dimensions of economic and social life, highlighting the extreme importance of knowledge and innovation, and making the current university education and talent training face extremely severe Challenge. Combining the teaching practice of the accounting major, this research explores the undergraduate talent training model that adapts to the changes of the times from the perspective of the integration of science and education. The research found that higher education led by the integration of science and education requires universities to update the accounting professional education concept and optimize the training methods of accounting talents. Introduce teachers' scientific research results into curriculum teaching, thesis guidance, large creation, and subject competition guidance, so as to truly cultivate high-quality accounting professionals under the guidance of the integration of science and education.

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  • Issues and Solutions in Practice Teaching for Full-time Education Master's Degree Students

    Zheng Xiangli

    Practice teaching is an essential component of the education for professional master’s degree students in education. It serves not only as the core of postgraduate education but also as a crucial link allowing students to translate theoretical knowledge into practical abilities. However, there are still a number of issues and challenges in its practical implementation. Based on a deep analysis of the existing problems in practice teaching, the author of this paper attempts to propose corresponding solutions to better achieve the talent cultivation objectives of full-time master’s degree in education.

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  • A Survey on Professional Development of English Teachers in Rural Elementary Schools in Changde City, Hunan China

    Guo Junlan, Huang Xinxiang, and Wang Zhonglan

    Within the frameworks of “Teacher Professional Development 3.0” and the Sociocultural theories, a survey is conducted to explore the current situation of professional development (PD) of English teachers in rural elementary schools (English teachers-RES) in Changde City, Hunan Province, China, against the background of the rural revitalization strategies. The survey reveals that there are still some problems regarding the PD of English teachers-RES in Changde City. There are both external and internal factors that need to be considered seriously. Major findings are: 1. The gender ratio of English teachers-RES is seriously imbalanced, and the teacher allocation is unreasonable. 2. The number and quality of academic leaders and school-level backbone teachers are insufficient. 3. For English teachers-RES, there are relatively insufficient opportunities for study visits and training. 4. The teaching research ability of English teachers-RES is relatively weak. 5. For English teachers-RES, there is a relative lack of teaching resources and teaching strategies. This paper puts forward the following strategies to promote the PD of English teachers-RES: 1. Creating good environments facilitating the PD of English teachers-RES. 2. Constructing more effective mechanisms for the PD of English teachers-RES. 3. Improving the professional training mode of English teachers-RES.

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  • Ma Xiangbo's Modern Exploration of Running a School with Chinese Characteristics

    Qin Yan

    Based on the reconstruction of the excellent school-running traditions that the Chinese nation has had since ancient times; the driving force is to learn from the advanced Western education; according to the background of the times, the purpose is to run schools to save the country; and always take Chinese characteristics as the direction of school-running development. These are the explorations of running schools with Chinese characteristics carried out by Mr. Ma Xiangbo, a famous patriotic scientist in modern times. Mr. Ma Xiangbo's exploration of running schools with Chinese characteristics has important practical guiding significance for today's realization of the dream of running schools with Chinese characteristics and the great rejuvenation of the nation with Chinese characteristics.

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  • Cultural Output Strategy and Cultural Significance Production of Domestic Online Games: A Case Study of "Genshin Impact"

    Fan Xinmu1 and Zheng Xiangli2

    As a burgeoning cultural industry, online games serve not only as an economic growth engine but also as significant virtual narratives and cultural spaces. In the process of "going global," domestic online games carry the mission of disseminating Chinese culture, while also constructing fields for the production and reproduction of cultural significance. The core of cultural products lies in the production of meaning, where creators use symbols to design and generate systems of meaning that can stimulate communal sharing, thus achieving the processes of value creation, dissemination, delivery, and appreciation. The 2021 National Cultural Export Key Project, "Genshin Impact," skillfully incorporates Chinese cultural symbols through fashionable design, rejuvenating Chinese culture. This paper takes the domestically produced game "Genshin Impact," which has successfully "gone out to sea," as the research object, and deeply analyzes the cultural output strategy and significance production of "Genshin Impact." It attempts to provide new paths for the interactive integration of domestic online games and Chinese culture, enhance the interactivity of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, and aid in the "going out" of excellent Chinese culture.

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  • The Integrity Education by Primary-level Party Organizations at Chinese Universities: Study on the Innovative Practice

    Youling Wan and Zhiming Guo

    Across China, the attitudes and actions of college students are significantly influenced by the integrity education delivered by primary-level Party organizations at universities. This article will tackle various and effective insights for advancing ideological and political education in the universities from the perspective of conducting integrity education by primary-level Party organizations, emphasizing necessities, pioneer and innovative performs. Inaugurate, by providing a comprehensive account of the historical development of integrity education in Chinese Universities and its practical justification for consolidation ideological and political tutoring, the feasibility of assimilating integrity education with ideological and political ones was analyzed thoroughly and systematically. Finally, suggestions regarding the augmentation of the integrity of secondary Party organizations in universities have been projected. These procedures encompass enhancing both integrity education system and mechanism, the affluence of integrity education activities, integrating education into scientific and practical research and teaching, and reinforcing the development of integrity cultural brands. In conclusion, the implementation plan for improving ideological and political education in Chinese Universities offers new research perspectives and practical approaches to enhance the efficiency of education and subsequently, producing highly motivated youth.

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  • Memory Writing in John Barth’s Coming Soon!!! A Narrative

    Long Yun, Wang Ruojing

    Cultural memory is an advanced historical view that examines, inherits, and surpasses the history and cultural heritage. John Barth’s Coming Soon!!! A Narrative explores the fictional reality and historical view of time from personal and cultural memory writing. John Barth breaks the boundary of the past, present and future by using the inherent characteristics of the postmodern novel such as diversity, uncertainty, and chaos. The reconstruction of history through memory writing enables modern people to find ways to solve the dilemma through self-examination.

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  • Effect of Using Root Words with Greek Origin for Students’ Achievement in Biology: Action Research on First-year Undergraduate Biology Students

    Misganaw Meragiaw and Hintsete Woldedawit

    Quality of education in science and students’ achievement are worldwide concerns. For students to develop scientific understanding and competency, they need to gain the way they can store new words in long term memory. Because knowing science vocabulary supports the development of conceptual understandings. Our objectives in this research were to improve our teaching method and to make science education more effective by avoiding root words confusion and enhancing students’ interest in biology. The participants of this research were 20 students and two teachers. To address the problems encountered in the understanding of root words, an action plan was developed and implemented. To evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation, quantitative (achievement tests) and qualitative(questionnaire survey) data were collected and analyzed. The results were determined by analyzing the initial results and the final results. The average result of this study revealed that the initial result was increased by 51%. In conclusion, this action research has three-fold benefits: 1) help to understand new words and remember terms for a long period of time and thereby improve, 2) identify best teaching strategies for promoting student achievement, and 3) recognize, replicate, and disseminate excellence in teaching.

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  • The Artistic Characteristics and Achievements of Changde Sixian’s “Many New Things”: Discussing the Artistic Tradition of the Creation of Red Classic Tunes

    Yao Qin1 and Zhou Hongru2

    This paper defines the concept of red classics and sorts out the red tradition of classic folk literary and artistic works. From the perspective of tune literature, the artistic characteristics, and achievements of the red classic Changde Sixian "Many New Things" are emphatically analyzed. The paper aims to provide ideas for the creation of new red classic folk literary and artistic works in the new era.

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