• Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance under Market Socialism: Empirical Analysis of Listed Companies in China

    Wang Le 1 & Liu Qun 2 & Masaharu Hanazaki 1

    Purpose, The purpose of this paper is to quantitatively analyse the relationship between the presence of government as shareholder, and corporate performance, using financial data for listed non-financial firms in China from 2000 to 2014. Design/methodology/approach, This study discusses the reclassification of shareholders, and empirically examine the relationship between government ownership and corporate performance, mainly using the fixed-effects panel model, after comparing with pooled OLS model and random-effects panel model. Findings, The results show that government ownership and corporate performance have a non-linear U-shaped correlation using whole sample data. The U-shaped relationship between government’s shareholding ratio and growth potential is reconfirmed in sub-sample of local state-owned enterprises but not in central state-owned enterprises. For private enterprises, the higher the shareholding ratio of the government is, the worse is the company’s performance. Corporate profitability improves when the attributes of shareholder and CEO coincide. Practical implications, The overall results suggest that privatization of general state-owned enterprises is desirable. However, for strategically important companies involved in national security, national control should be strengthened or they could remain unlisted. Originality/value, This study applies the reclassification of shareholders, such as the difference between state-owned corporate shareholders and private corporation shareholders, whereas prior literatures don’t pay any attention to the difference.

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  • Construction and Early Warning of Coal Industry Security Measurement System in China

    Gao Hao

    Coal consumption has a basic position in China's energy consumption. This is determined by China's coal resources and production characteristics. The comprehensive evaluation of coal industry security is the premise and basis for the security strategy and planning of coal industry and the coal industry security decision. This article from the coal production, distribution, international trade, consumption of four reproduction aspects, constructs the comprehensive coal security measurement system of China. It carries on the empirical analysis. On this basis, the paper constructs the early warning mechanism of coal security in china.

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  • Affected Countries Struggle to Resolve North Korea Crisis

    Shashi Asthana

    On 11 September 2017, the United Nations Security Council passed new resolution with fresh sanctions, considered toughest against North Korea so far to rein its nuclear weapons program. When President Trump on taking over tried to outsource the problem of resolving North Korean Crisis to China presumably in exchange of some trade concessions, his administration overlooked this crisis. This paper analyses how the affected countries such as China to resolve this crisis.

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  • Research on Evaluation System for Precision Identification of Students from Low-income Families: Take Zhenjiang City of Jiangsu Province as an Example

    Dai Yelin 1 & Wang Jing 2

    The identification of students from low-income families is the most groundwork in student financial assistance, the precondition and important guarantee for implementing national student financial aid policy, determining funding targets and achieving the precision of fund work. In light of this, only ensuring precision identification of students from low-income families can make educational assistance serves the students and society better. This study based on domestic and foreign researches of identification of students from low-income families, taking Zhenjiang for example, putting forward to build the evaluation index system for precision identification of students from low-income families from four dimensions: family human resources, family economic resources, personal comprehensiveness and special circumstances. Relevant countermeasures and suggestions are provided for optimizing identification standard and financial assistance system of students from low-income families and improving the precision of student financial assistance work.

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  • Analysis of Deconstruction and Element of Advertising Symbols for Anhua Brick Tea: Based on Comparison of Special Gimmicky Advertisements

    Zhang Yuxiong & Tang Yueyue

    In order to provide a reference for the agricultural and forestry products, including tea, to successfully carry out brand marketing communication and brand advertising, and provide interpretation samples for the communication of tea culture, the advertising symbol theory and drama factor analysis method are adopted, and the famous Anhua Brick Tea advertisement and the advertisement of Sidao Tea Industry are taken as the sample analysis. The two samples are respectively deconstructed according to the phonic natural language symbol, symbol and body-expression-decoration symbol frame, and are dissected according to the drama elements such as scene, person, action, means and purpose. According to the comparative study, it is believed that the innovation of phonic natural language symbols, the systematic or mutual substitution among the symbols can create the ideal advertisement effect; the arrangement and treatment of “characters” in tea industry advertising theatre should be combined with the psychological demands of the mass consumers who are infiltrating the farming civilization, but the conception and practice of the “purpose” elements enrich and enhance the social value of the symbol consumption of the tea.

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  • Which Type of Social Network is More Important for Entrepreneurial Learning: An empirical study on Chinese college students

    Chen Yongqing 1 & Wang Jing 1 & Wu Mengyun 2

    National and regional economic growth is closely related to entrepreneurial behaviors, and entrepreneurial learning (EL) is one of the key indicators for predicting, influencing entrepreneurial willingness and behavior. But what of promoting EL?—Can social network enhance EL?If so, which type of social network is more important for facilitating EL? This article conducts an empirical study on Chinese college students, and based on the theory of "the pattern of difference sequence", exploratory puts forward college students’ social network contains genetic ties, educational ties and commercial ties, using the method of structural equation models (SEM) to studies the influence of college students' social network on EL. Results show that college students' genetic ties have limited role in EL and only promote cognitive learning, while educational ties and commercial ties can promote college students' experience learning, cognitive learning and practical learning at the same time.

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  • Research and Practice on Cultivating Interests in learning: Guidelines to Online and Offline learning to Help OEC Students Cultivate Learning Initiatives

    Feng Yun 1 & Ruth Appiah 2 & Huang Honghui 3 & Huang Xiaojia 1 & Xu Xiao 1& Liu Shizhu 2

    The key point of the reform of teaching methods should be student-centered in order to promote their learning initiatives. Teachers, as guides of students in their learning, sometimes use improper methods, unfortunately acting as the ‘killers’ of students’ learning interests. Studies of ‘interests’ in the past two decades in the West have shown that the most important influencing factors of individual interests, subject interests, and situational interests, are learning materials and background knowledge. This study is based on the international teaching platform, SAKAI. Constructive learning resources guide the process of learning among OEC students, emphasizing the value of knowledge and emotional factors such as the interaction of learning interest, and repeatedly stimulating students' situational interest in order to help them become subjects with completely independent individual interests.

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  • Research on Promotion of Young College Teachers' Competence from Perspective of Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Teams

    Lu Jie 1 & Ge Wenjun 2 & Wu Mengyun 2

    During "Internet plus" era, along with the economic globalization and knowledge diversification, college teachers' occupational competence is increasingly challenged, and young teachers as the main force of teachers, their competence development increasingly affects the quality of higher education in China. However, young college teachers' occupational competency development status is not optimistic. Based on the ability and quality young college teachers should have, the study is exploring the virtual team across organizational boundaries, dynamic and flexible, efficient collaboration of human resource organization form, trying to set up a virtual team dynamic contract operation model based on the path to enhance the five dimensions of interpretation and virtual team competency from the occupation of young college teachers' occupation competency.

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  • Research on Influence of Group Counseling on College Students' EQ Education: Based on Educational Experiments of local Comprehensive College Students

    Wu Mengyun 1 & Cao Jiajia 1 & Ge Wenjun 1 & Lu Jie 2

    An outstanding person may not necessarily have high IQ, but he must have a high emotional intelligence.Emotional intelligence is mainly to cultivate people's quality of emotion, will, tolerance and frustration.Cultivating and improving the emotional intelligence is of great importance to college students.This study explores the practical impact of group counseling on college students' EQ education from the four dimensions of EQ.Taking a sample of students in local comprehensive college, this paper conducts an empirical study on whether group counseling can effectively improve the students' EQ education.Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that after eight weeks of group counseling, the college student's emotional quotient has been significantly improved in terms of emotional cognition, emotional expression, emotion regulation and emotion utilization,proving group counseling is an effective way to educate college students.This article not only reveals that college students' emotional intelligence can be significantly improved through group counseling, but also accumulates new empirical evidence for the emotional education of students in our country, especially college students.

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  • The Phenomenon and Resolving Strategy for Academic Procrastination among College Students

    Feng Yun 1 & Ruth Nana Esi Appiah 2 & Honghui Huang 3 & Liu Shizhu 2

    Procrastination is a behavior that evades the task. The two key features of procrastination are postponement and irrationality. Procrastination is often manifested by the use of non-urgent tasks instead of urgent ones, with simple and happy work instead of a difficult one. Sometimes procrastinators can delay the task to the "last second" before the cut-off date. Procrastination can lead to mental illnesses such as guilt, discontent, depression, and self-doubt. There is widespread delay in the time spent by College students, and it is estimated that most of College students have procrastination; allmost all of them think they are procrastinators. Delay has become an important factor affecting the mental health of College students. In this article, we focus on young people, including College students, and try to understand procrastination from psychological perspective, the causes of the delay, as well as the mechanism and management of procrastination, so as to help young people prevent such behavior, especially College students' academic procrastination.

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  • On the Cultivation of Scientific Research Thinking for Pathology Postgraduates

    Xuan Yanhua

    The cultivation of research thinking in graduate students is crucial to the development of pathology in the future. This research explores the training of postgraduates in systematic research thinking, including improving their professional basic knowledge structure and establishing their professional pathology system; to promote their mastering system scientific knowledge; develop postgraduates’ interest in scientific research and innovative thinking; encourage them to participate in academic activities, to enhance exchanges between graduate students; to promote their pragmatic and scientific research behavior; thereby continuously enhance the pathology graduate students’ research ability.

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  • Application of Mind Map in the Course of Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing

    Li Hongzan & Li Ying & Liu Qiongling & Zhou Chenhui & Huang Juanjuan

    The objective of the study is to explore the application effect of mind map in the teaching of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing. Methods: Combining with the problems in obstetrics and gynecology nursing teaching, combing the modules, each module using the method of thinking map to organize summary. Results: The preliminary teaching practice shows that Mind Map can promote learning efficiency, help students to learn independently and cultivate students' creative thinking ability.

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  • Effect Evaluation of Progressive Rehabilitation Nursing on Cardiac Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronary Stent Implantation

    Huang Lili & Hu Guangling & Yang Qiaofang

    objective: To observe the progressive rehabilitation nursing to promote the effect of cardiac rehabilitation after coronary stent implantation patients. Selection methods: Our hospital from May 2011 to May 2015 treated 150 cases of coronary artery stent implantation in patients with documents review, sorting and analysis, were randomly divided into control group and observation group, control group 75 cases, the conventional nursing methods for auxiliary treatment, the observation group of 75 cases in the control group on the basis of using the method of progressive rehabilitation nursing for auxiliary treatment. Results: After treatment, through the data contrast, observation group of patients with physical inspection report, bosom is frowsty attack rate, intensity of exercise tolerance is better than that in control group, treatment effect obvious, difference (P<0.05), with statistical significance. Conclusion: Patients with progressive rehabilitation nursing after promoting intravascular implantation of cardiac rehabilitation effect is remarkable, popularization should be applied to clinical medicine.

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  • Li Hongzhang and China Merchants Steamship Bureau

    Yu Dingkun

    Li Hongzhang, one of the most important figures in the late Qing dynasty, founded the China Merchants Steamship Bureaus in 1872, the starting point of the development of China's modern shipping industry. He has spared no efforts for the growth of China Merchants Steamship Bureau, economically making a series of supporting measures such as special delivery for tribute grain, official grants and loans and preference for debts and taxation, and politically unyieldingly adherence to the policy of official supervision and non-government operation of China Merchants Steamship Bureaus under the public pressure. Unfortunately, the government reinforced the controlling of this bureau due to the personal political strategic shrinkage of Li Hongzhang and tight fiscal policy of Qing government as well as lessons from its previous operation. The feeble growth of China’s modern shipping industries can be traced back to the ups and downs of this bureau as a representative of China’s modern shipping industries.

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  • Conservation of Historical and Cultural Towns and Villages in China

    Li Yan 1 & Cai Liang 2 & Hu Zhiwen 3

    Historical and cultural towns and villages (HCTVs) in China homes to a large variety of fascinating tangible heritage, intangible heritage and natural landscapes. These legacies characterised from ancient history, architecture, society, humanity, aesthetics, philosophy and folk custom, are significantly undervalued. The conservation and protection strategies are conventionally understood as nominal rather than substantial. And even some hot-button issues remain off limits. In this article, the knowledge map case study provides a unique opportunity to data mining and cluster analysis precisely bibliographic references from 1995 to 2015, and scrutinize the research front. We address critical review on selected pressing issues that resides potential burgeoning territories, and the perspective of methodological considerations would be also envisaged and discussed.

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  • The Special Function of Red 紅 with symbolism in Li Shangyin’s Poems

    Belinda Churchill

    The study reviewed 550 poems written by Li Shangyin, who was a famous Chinese poet of the late Tang Dynasty. It is found that Red appears 56 times and can be catalogued by three groups of literature function. The first group is the original consciousness, the second group is the corresponding relations, and the last is as a Décadent symbol. This paper explores a special function of red 紅, with relevant typical symbols in Li Shangyin’s poems and possible suggestive influence to later Chinese literati literature.

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  • The Influence of the Reform of the Trial-centered Litigation System on the Criminal Procedure at the First Instance

    Ou Yangjing

    The Forth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee proposed the “promotion of the reform of the trial-centered litigation system” and pointed out the direction for further advancing the criminal judicial impartiality. For the criminal procedure at the first instance, there are two requirements in the reform of the trial-centered litigation system; in the horizontal direction, the trial-based approach should be realized firstly in the relation of investigation, prosecution and trial; in addition, it should focus on court trial at the trial stage. In the longitudinal trial structure, a solid first instance should be built, and the authority position of the first instance in the recognition of facts should be established; at the same time, the function of each level of trial should reasonably be defined and adjusted; it can be ensured that the first instance resides in the position of “center of gravity” in the whole criminal procedure system.

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  • Research on Relationship between Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Listed Company: A Review Based on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

    Lu Yongwen 1 & Lu Jie 2 & Yang Xiao 2

    Studies have found that the level of private listed companies in pharmaceutical industry to fulfill their social responsibilities is influenced by sector, external constraint and other factors, but to a large extent, it is determined by the its governance structure. Based on relevant research data from 102 private listed companies in pharmaceutical industry listed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2012 to 2014, studies analyzed the relationship between corporate governance and social responsibility in private listed companies in pharmaceutical industry. Further researches have found that enhancing self-discipline, stipulating the proportion of independent directors, increasing executive compensation and other initiatives conduce to the improvement of the governance structure of private listed companies and promote the implementation of their social responsibility.

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  • Water Pollution Management of the Mekong River

    Gao Yun 1 & Dai Wenbin 2 & Zuo Haiying 1

    The increasing population has more demand for fresh water. The conflicts will happen in a lot of places, such as regions between countries, sub-national areas in countries. This study analyses water problems and conflicts in Mekong River countries. Through collecting data and documents, it will analyse and conclude current water pollution situation of it. In the end, this paper suggests several recommendations and to discuss which methods are more suitable for the transformation and management of Mekong Basin under a good environment of sustainable development.

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  • Study on Anti-wear and Anti-friction Properties of Graphene and T203 Complexity

    Guo Junwu

    In order to study the lubrication properties of graphene and T203, graphene was first characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). After understanding the basic conditions of graphene, the oil additives of different concentrations of graphene and T203 were configured. The lubrication performance and synergistic lubrication effect of graphene with T203 were experimentally tested by four-ball friction and wear testing machine, and the mechanism of the joint action was analyzed. The experimental results show that the graphene materials used in this paper are multi-layered and have some impurities and defects. Adding a small amount of graphene in base oil can significantly improve lubrication, and in the test sample range, the best quality score of graphene used with dispersant span - 80 is 0.03%. Graphene and dialkyldithiophosphate zinc phosphate(T203) additive have good synergistic effect.

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  • Analysis on Misdiagnosis Reasons of Ultrasonic Elastography in Superficial Soft Tissue Tumors

    Wu Wenying & Shi Huaning & Zhao Li & Nie Minghui

    Objective To investigate the misdiagnosis reasons of ultrasound elastography in superficial soft tissue tumors. Method Confirmed by pathology were retrospectively analyzed in 89 patients with superficial soft tissue tumors were 19 cases ultrasound elasticity imaging misdiagnosis reason. Results 14 cases were misdiagnosed as benign tumors, 5 cases of malignant tumor as benign. Conclusion Tumor size, tumor location, tumor pathological features, operation technique ultrasound elasticity imaging is a common cause of misdiagnosis. Mastering the ultrasound elasticity imaging techniques, mass characteristics, combined with two-dimensional ultrasonic ultrasonographic features help improve the correct diagnostic rate of superficial soft tissue tumors, reduce the clinical misdiagnosis.

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  • Possibility for New Drug Inhibiting Immediate Early Gene of HCMV

    Shu Luan

    HCMV is a pathogen worth our attention because it’s highly prevalent in the world, and threatens the health of immunocompromised people. However, the existing drugs have many disadvantages including toxicity and viral drug resistance. Therefore, we need to find a new effective drug for this pathogen. One such possibility comes from ESE drugs extracted from plant and is shown to be effective against herpesvirus.

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  • Observation on the Effect of Alprostadil Combined with Dredging Collaterals of Tonifying Qi, Activating Blood and Resolving Sputum in Traditional Chinese Medicine on Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis Occlusive Disease

    Wang Mingsong

    purpose:To investigate the clinical effect of alprostadil combined with dredging collaterals of tonifying Qi, activating blood and resolving sputum in traditional Chinese medicine on lower extremity arteriosclerosis occlusive disease. Methods: Ninety-six patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis occlusive disease treated in Linyi Central Hospital are selected as the study samples which are divided into the control group (n = 48) and the combined group (n = 48) with the sampling method; the control group is treated with alprostadil while the combined group is treated with alprostadil combined with dredging collaterals of tonifying Qi, activating blood and resolving sputum in traditional Chinese medicine. The clinical curative effects of the two groups of patients are compared. Results: The TC, TG, LDL-C, whole blood viscosity (high-cut, low-cut), fibrinogen, CRP and TCM score in the combined group are lower than those in the control group while the ABI, inner diameter of ADP, PSV, blood flow volume and total effective rate in the combined group are higher than those in the control group, P<0.05. Conclusion:Alprostadil combined with dredging collaterals of tonifying Qi, activating blood and resolving sputum in traditional Chinese medicine can effectively improve the clinical symptoms and the blood rheology status of the lower extremity arteriosclerosis occlusive disease, has remarkable curative effect and is worth clinical application.

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  • Experience on Treatment of Intracranial Infection after Ventricular Hemorrhage Treated with External Ventricular Drainage

    Zhu Jizi

    Objective: To explore the treatment and experience of intracranial infection after ventricular hemorrhage is treated with external ventricular drainage. Methods: A total of 30 patients with intracranial infection were enrolled in our hospital from August 2011 to September 2016. The patients were treated with intravenous, lumbar drainage, intrathecal injection and treatment for all patients. Before and after the clinical indicators, cerebrospinal fluid traits were observed and compared. Results: The mean extubation time was 6.43 days (s = 1.12) for all patients. At the end of treatment all the symptoms of infection in patients disappeared, no deaths. After treatment, body temperature, intracranial pressure, cerebrospinal fluid white blood cell count, protein content was significantly lower than before treatment, and chloride and sugar indicators were significantly higher than before treatment, P <0.05. Conclusion: Intracranial drainage after intraventricular hemorrhage is effective in the treatment of intracranial infection, intravenous administration, combined treatment of lumbar pond drainage and intrathecal antibiotics, and the prognosis is good and worthy of clinical promotion.

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  • Research for the Effect of Different Mass Fraction of γ-Al2O3 on the Thermal Stability of Mesoporous Rare-earth Oxides

    Guo Junwu 1 & Zhang Dan 2

    A mesoporous La/Ce/Zr composite oxide catalyst is prepared,in whichγ-Al2O3 works as the main modification component to replace different mass percent of Ce/Zr solid solution matrix. The structures and performances of the composite oxide catalyst powder are characterized by ICP analyzer, scanning electron micro-scope(SEM),specific surface analyzer, laser particle size analyzer, thermal gravimetric analyzer(TGA) and other characterization techniques. The results show thatγ-Al2O3 adjunction significantly improves the sintering degree of the surface of the catalyst powder under high service temperature, increases the thermal stability and anti-aging performance of the catalyst, and simultaneously helps to improve NOx reduction rate and CO2 generation rate of the catalyst. The results of this study have an important value in an engineering application for the simultaneous removal of marine diesel engine exhaust pollutants of PM and NOx.

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  • Bicluster Analysis for Estimating Missing Values in Gene Expression Data

    Zhu Xian 1 & Chen Linlin 1 & Ma Wei 2 & Zhu Jun 1

    Gene expression data are a large-scale matrix produced by DNA microarray experiments and can be used to effectively extract biological information. Gene expression data often have missing values due to experimental conditions, and such values should be filled. The traditional method for filling missing data is based on a single feature of gene expression data and does not consider the correlation among data matrices. Considering that a low bicluster mean square value leads to high correlation of gene expression data, this paper proposes a new method for filling the bicluster data (Trim-SA). The method uses simulated annealing to produce a bicluster that meets the conditions. The bicluster is then effectively corrected through data correlation, and the missing data are filled with local least squares method. Analysis of four groups of real gene expression data shows the high filling accuracy of the developed Trim-SA method.

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