• The Redeployment of the Financial distraught Project

    Dr. Emmanuel Teitey

    The recent paradigm shift in financing capital intensive projects by private and public entities from traditional corporate finance schemes with project finance schemes has witnessed massive surge in the corporate world. However, a number of such projects are either plunged into financial distress at preliminary phases or operational phases. To address this issue, this paper examined the general overview of financially distressed project by reviewing adequate literature regarding project finance and financial distress, outlining the major signs of financial distress associated with projects and recommend suitable solution to projects engulfed in financial distress. To achieve this goal, capital structural reforms in the area of increasing equity capital requirement is advisable in view of the existing arrangement which allows equity investment of 10% to 20% in most cases. Ascertaining optimal capital structure that would enable the avoidance of finance distress requires further research.

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  • Blue Barriers in International Trade : A Perspective from SA8000 and Labour Standards in the TPP

    Yu Yanning

    It is said that blue barriers that hinge upon strict labour standards as well as social accountability are new trade barriers. They force exporters to achieve social accountability and strict labour standards as prerequisites for export orders by inspecting factories on the grounds of human rights. Although these measures do restrict exports, they are not national compulsory standards, and thus do not constitute trade barriers per se. Despite the uncertain future of the TPP, its established rules reflect the latest trends and developments of international trade policies and laws in the new era. Labour standards in the TPP agreement that represent the new generation of regional trade agreements will be national compulsory standards and will have a significant impact on exports of non-TPP members. Once these standards are abused de jure or de facto to restrict exports, they will constitute blue barriers per se. Trade industries and exporters from non-TPP member states, such as China, should pay adequate attention and take necessary measures to handle blue barriers. The international community should also make efforts to render labour standards fairer and more justifiable for all.

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  • The Basic Rules of Judicial Application: Principle of Public Order and Good Customs

    Yang Dequn

    The principle of public order and good customs belongs to the regulation of authorization, which aims at realizing the function of overcoming statute law limitation by granting discretion to judge. But the connotation and extension uncertainty of public order and good customs make the abuse of judicial application possible. Thus the concrete application of public order and good customs should follow certain rules. That is: the exhaustion of legal rules, the realization of case justice and stronger reasons.

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  • A Comparative Study of Democratic Thought in the Three Principles of the People, the Gettysburg Address and Oceana

    Ma Liya

    Sun Yat-sen’s the Three Principles of the People, Abraham Lincoln’s The Gettysburg Address and James Harrington’s The Commonwealth of Oceana are the famous and influential works all around the world, mainly because of the democratic thought. There is a relationship and consistency about the democracy in three works, which has a potential significant to reality. Nowadays, with the rapid economic growth and increasingly politic development of China, the people, especially Chinese have a strong demand for democracy. In order to provide inspiration for Chinese democratic political development, it has discussed from the perspective of democracy thought reflected in three works, which caters to the needing for democracy by modern Chinese civil. It mainly divides into four parts. The first part is a brief introduction on the significance and theme. The second part is a brief introduction about the three political theorists and their masterpiece. The third part is a specific analysis on democratic thought reflected in the three masterpiecanes and its relationship and consistency. The last part are conclusions, that is, the democratic thought from the three masterpieces, which are suggested as the potential inspiration for the modern Chinese politicians.

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  • Human Harmony: A Fresh Perspective, a New Approach

    Sudipta Das

    This is an attempt at taking a macroscopic holistic and evolutionary psychological perspective to pin-point, in a nut-shell, the causes and effects of the disharmony that infests Humanity today. And to devise a possible remedial course of action, a pragmatic approach, that can effectively reduce the causes of such disharmony within a reasonable span of time. Whatever exist, in the human external environment, have their source causes in the internal psychic space. So addressing the relevant internal issues may alleviate the external disharmony. Millennia old ‘partial perceptions’ won't fade away overnight. But, the solution, to this enormous deep-rooted problem, need not be complicated. All we require is an effective strategy to counter the divisive disharmony and a sincere will to persevere and sustain the efforts over a considerable period of time. Consciously or subconsciously, humanity has been inching towards global harmonisation. But, the path has been hap-hazard due to the want of a holistic vision for the future. We can do much better if we take the initiative towards the inclusive harmonisation of all. And it’s surely worth making the effort. For the fruits of harmony shall be a huge boon to us, in every aspect of our Human existence.

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  • The Affinity to the People: the Distinctive Feature of Marxist View of Power

    Zhou Shi

    The paper examines the affinity to the people inherent in the Marxist view of power regard to the following aspects: the subjects of power, the objectives of power, and the withdrawal of power. The affinity to the people of the power subject is concretely manifested in the two respects: the power for the people and the power conferred by the people’s supervision. People’s benefits are supreme and everything should be based on the most people’s benefits and start with the people’s fundamental interests, which are the highest generalization of the objectives of power about the affinity to people. The withdrawal of power about it connotes that people take back the power and the reclaim of power relies on the people.

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  • The Ethical Concern Changes of Caring Ethics: The Caring Ethics for the Children of Migrant Workers in China

    Chen Liyu

    Due to history, economy, and culture, it is difficult for the children of migrant workers to integrate themselves into the city. Thus, they have become a special vulnerable group in the city, and have endangered the harmony of urban health, which requires us to convert the model of traditional caring ethics. This model needs not only the caring of parents, but also the ethical concern of the government, society, schools and teachers. The ethical care on the children of migrant workers should be guided by the concept of "goodness", follow the basic principles of "moderation", should be run through by the moral requirements of "sympathy", and cultivate the idea of "love" to the whole society.

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  • Review on Ginseng Empire: the Production, Consumption and Medical Treatment of Ginseng of Qing Dynasty

    Song Yonglin

    Ginseng Empire: the Production, Consumption and Medical Treatment of Ginseng of Qing Dynasty, written by the scholar of Jiang Zushan in Taiwan, is one of masterpieces in the research field of Ginseng history. In this book, the Ginseng history in Qing dynasty has been thoroughly studied through such historical materials as file in Qing court and monographs of Ginseng complied in Qing dynasty and mainly from the perspective of history of medical treatment and material culture. It has illustrated the prosperity of Ginseng in Qing dynasty and provided positive significance for the study of social history of medical treatment in new times.

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  • A Study on the Buyer’s Preference Towards Motorcycle with Reference to Classic Motors, Chennai

    dr.a.varadaraj & m.b.a, ph.d & dr.m.s.vijaya rao & m.b.a, ph.d

    The research work is carried on to study the buyers’ preference towards motorcycle with special reference to classic motors. The study analyses the influence of the medium in creating awareness about the motor cycles among the customers in chennai. Primary data collection was made through structured questionnaire and sample was collected among the motor cycle in Chennai. The respondents are chosen as per convenience. SPSS was used to obtain results for statistical analysis. Percentage analyses, Chi-square tests, independent samples test, ANOVA were used for analysis in the study. From the study some interesting findings such as there exists a relationship between age of customer and the person who makes the purchasing decision. When the customer is below 25 years of age, in most cases purchasing decision are made by his parents. When a purchase decision is made by parents, customer attach more significance to the comfortableness while driving the vehicle. Employed people are more price sensitive than parents. Further when a motor cycle is bought on full settlement of cash more significance is attached to the colour of the vehicle. Most of the buyers make use of loan facilities for buying motor cycles.

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  • The Status Quo and Its Development of “the Linkage between the Community, the Social Organization and the Social Worker”

    Zhang Jiadong

    After the reform and opening-up policy, the community becomes an important foundation for social management, but there exist the insufficiency of the community governance in all aspects. Hence, it is inevitable to carry out the innovation of community governance. As the focus of the community management and service innovation, “the linkage between the community, the social organization and the social worker” optimizes the structure of the community governance, enriches the diversity of social participation, and promotes the resource sharing, the complementing of advantages and the organic linkage between the community, social organizations, and social workers. There is a new management realm formed that the government and the society can interconnect, complement, and interact with each other. How to effectively link the "three clubs" to better serve the community and society is an urgent problem at present. The paper analyzes the developmental mode of “the linkage between the community, the social organization and the social worker” in different regions, puts forward the developmental path and the general idea to construct “the linkage between the community, the social organization and the social worker”, beginning from the concept of it through the method, literature analysis, which is of great significance for accelerating the process of harmonious community’s construction and provides a guarantee for maintaining the stability of social development.

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  • The Practice and Prospect of Inverse Scheduling Based on Inverse Optimization Theory

    Mou Jianhui, Mu Jiancai, Yin Lvjiang, Chen Gang

    The goal of scheduling in traditional manufacturing system is to arrange the operations on corresponding machines with optimal sequence for one or multiple objectives. However, in an actual production system, schedule system often encounters many uncertain events. However, real manufacturing systems often encounter many uncertain events. These will change the status of manufacturing systems. These may cause the original schedule to no longer be optimal or even to be infeasible. Traditional scheduling methods, however, can’t cope with these cases. New scheduling methods are needed. Among these new methods, one method “inverse scheduling problem” (ISP) has attracted more and more attentions. In this paper, we pay attention to the inverse optimization problem (IOP) and try to find some ways to solve the ISP. In view of this, this paper provides a comprehensive review of both state-of-the-art approaches on IOP and ISP. Firstly, we focus on the classification of ISP. Secondly, an analysis of the current literature about IOP is presented. And then, the relative relationship between ISP and IOP is discussed. Finally, based on the analysis of the limitations of current research, some future research directions of ISP are provided.

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  • English Infinitive Form of Verb and Chinese Subjective- Object Construction: Towards a Generative Analysis

    Chen Jianwen

    English Infinitive Form of Verb and Chinese Subjective-Object structure are accusative in nature. In the two sentence patterns, the first verb gives their own objects cases, and the two deep structures give the second verbs logic subjects. In the surface of syntax, the two sentence patterns have same characteristics.

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  • On Translation Strategies of Four-Character Structure in Written Vernacular Chinese: Based on Call to Arms

    He Xinnian

    Four-character Structure, the language unit composed by four independent characters, is the major component of Chinese words. It can be words or phrases, formed in ways of expanded and contrasted words, loosen phrases, jargons, idioms and idioms variations. Four-character structures are made of four Chinese characters. They often fall into the categories of free phrases and set phrases. Free four-character phrases are composed of four free Chinese characters. It contains idioms as well as other meaningful words composed with four characters. This kind of four characters is assembled temporarily and can be broken up to form new phrases. Set phrases are settled patterns of language and allow little or no changes in forms. The meanings cannot be deduced from the individual characters. At this time, researchers on translation of Chinese idioms and adoption of four-character idioms in translation have been made to a wide extent. However, researches on how to translate free four-character phrases, especially classic Chinese phrases, into English are relatively rear. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on this point. In this thesis, foreignization and domestication are applied to deal this problem, as well as a classification of Four-character structures. Through the researches of Four-character Structure, we have learned the right way of classifications, which guide us in the process of translation.

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  • A Study on the Characteristics of Word Meaning

    Zhou Ruiying, Liu Hongli

    Word meaning is complicated by its diversity, multidimensionality, variability and nationality. Geoffrey Leech divides word meaning into seven categories: conceptual meaning, connotative meaning, social meaning, affective meaning, reflected meaning, collective meaning and thematic meaning. The diversity of word meaning makes it more difficult for students to acquire. Of course, different kinds of word meaning don’t parallel with each other. They belong to different levels or exist in the form of multidimensionality. Among them, conceptual meaning is the basic meaning, and associative meaning is not the intrinsic meaning of a word itself. It is extended meaning, which is based on the conceptual meaning. The multidimensionality of word meaning requires that students should gain the meanings from different aspects. The meaning of a word is not immutable and frozen. It changes with the development of society. The change of word meaning and the production of a new meaning are the main phenomena of the variability of word meaning. Word meaning reflects culture. Language is the symbolic representation of a people, and it comprises their historical and cultural backgrounds as their approach to life and their ways of living and thinking.

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  • Efficacy of the Continued Nursing Mode Applied in Clinical Nursing for 67 Patients with Severe Burns

    Chen Yan

    Object To analyze the clinical efficacy of the continued nursing mode in patients with severe burns. Methods The study object was 67 cases of patients with severe burns in our hospital from May 1st,2015 to May 1st,2016.Patients were divided into two groups by double-blind method. The control group (n=32) used the conventional nursing mode, and the observation group (n=35) used the continued nursing mode, and then the quality of life was compared between the two groups. Results The physical function, psychological function, social relationship and general health status of the observation group were significantly higher than the control group(P<0.05). Conclusions The effect of the continued nursing mode applied in clinical nursing for patients with severe burns is good,it is worth promoting.

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  • Observation on the Effect of Combined Inhalation of Compound Ipratropium Bromide and Budesonide in Treating Infantile Asthmatic Pneumonia

    Ma Yuan

    Objective: To investigate the clinical effect of compound ipratropium bromide combined with budesonide inhalation in the treatment of children with asthmatic pneumonia. Methods: From November 2013 to January 2016, 76 children with asthmatic pneumonia were randomly divided into control group and observation group (n = 38). The control group received ipratropium bromide, combined with budesonide and inhaled compound ipratropium bromide and budesonide, and observed the clinical effect of the two groups of children. Results: In the observation group, the time of disappearance of clinical symptoms was significantly shorter than that of the control group (P <0.05). In the control group, there were 2 cases of facial flushing, 1 case of muscle tremor (about 7.89%, 3/38). There was no significant difference between the two groups in the incidence of adverse reactions, P> 0.05. Conclusion: The combination of compound ipratropium bromide and budesonide in the treatment of asthmatic pneumonia can effectively improve the clinical symptoms of children, and less adverse reactions, drug safety, clinical Value.

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  • Comparison of the Efficacy of Continuous High Volume Hemofiltration and Conventional Volume Hemofiltration in the Treatment of Sepsis Patients with MODS

    Song Yongxin, Yan Zhixing, Yuan Jie, Lu ZhaoXin, An PengPeng, Wang Jun,Guan QingHua, Xu Xiaowen, Su Yimei, Wang Feng, Ding Minggang

    Objective: To explore the therapeutic effect of continuous high volume hemofiltration program in sepsis patients with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Method: During the period from 2013 March to 2015 December, A total of 100 cases of sepsis patients with MODS caused by various factors from the intensive care units of a hospital were selected and assigned to receive CHVHF(n=53) and continuous volume hemofiltration (CVHF, n=47). The changes of vital signs, hemodynamic parameters, MODS score, acute physiology & chronic health evaluation Ⅱ (APACHE Ⅱ) score, procalcitonin (PCT), arterial blood lactate, liver & kidney function parameters were observed before and after treatment. Result: After CHVHF treatment, body temperature and heart rate of patients were improved to a certain extent(t=7.059,P<0.01;t=12.014,P<0.01); the hemodynamic parameters in 48, 72 h appear to improved, cardiac index(CI), mean arterial pressure(MAP), systemic vascular resistance index(SVRI), stroke volume index(SVI) tend to be stable, MODS score and APACHE II score were significantly decreased, (F=30.026, P<0.01; F=87.950, P<0.01; F=367.944, P<0.01; F=217.257, P<0.01). There is a significant changes compare with treatment before, the difference was statistically significant (both P<0.05); PCT and arterial blood lactic acid ,liver and kidney function indexes were gradually returned to normal at 24, 48 and 72 h post-treatment (F= 21.210, P<0.01; F=76.410, P<0.01; F=86.060, P<0.01; F=199.800, P<0.01; F=120.900, P<0.01; F=162.100, P<0.01). Conclusion: CHVHF may stabilize vital signs and improve hemodynamic, tissue perfusion and organ function in sepsis patients with MODS.

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  • Evaluation of the Effect of Glucocorticoid Combined With Terbutaline in the Treatment of AECOPD

    Zhu Tingting, Lin Qing, Qiao Shi

    Objective To investigate the effect of glucocorticoid combined with terbutaline in the treatment of AECOPD. Methods The clinical data of 90 patients with AECOPD diagnosed in our hospital from March 2015 to April 2016 were collected and treated with glucocorticoid or terbutaline. The patients were divided into control group and observation group. The control group were treated with terbutaline, a total of 44 cases, the observation group were treated with glucocorticoid combined with terbutaline, a total of 46 cases. By retrospective analysis, the correlation between the therapeutic effect of two groups of patients with AECOPD and arterial blood gas analysis index PaO2 and PaCO2 were compared and analyzed. Results The total effective rate of the observation group was significantly higher than that of the control group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). The arterial blood gas analysis index PaO2 and PaCO2 in the observation group were significantly higher than those in the control group, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). There was no significant difference between the observation group and the control group (P>0.05). Conclusion The use of glucocorticoid combined with terbutaline in the treatment of patients with AECOPD could significantly increase the clinical efficacy, improve the quality of life of patients. This program is worth promoting in clinical practice.

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  • Countermeasures on Improving the Teaching Quality of Preventive Medicine in China

    Yu Guangyan

    With the development of medical education, the importance of preventive medicine has been increasingly recognized. Preventive medicine is not only to deliver knowledge, but also to help the learners solve their practical problems by using acquired knowledge. However, the traditional teaching methods of preventive medicine have so many drawbacks that cannot satisfy the requirements for training medical talents with comprehensive and innovative abilities. Therefore, how to improve the teaching quality to strengthen students’ comprehensive capabilities has become an urgent problem for preventive medical educators. Combining with the current status of teaching in medical colleges of China, this article would put forward related proposals for how to improve teaching quality from theoretical teaching, experimental teaching and examinations mode, so as to cultivate practical, innovative and pioneering medical talents for the future.

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  • Effects of Lifestyle Guidance on Health Behavior and Prognosis of Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

    Fan Hua

    The objective of the study is to explore the effect of lifestyle guidance on the health behavior and prognosis of patients with coronary heart disease. The methods used involved 100 patients with coronary heart disease who were treated in the hospital from January to March 2014 were randomly divided into observation group (50 cases) and control group (50 cases). The control group was treated with routine nursing. Based on the control group, it compared the health behavior, medication compliance and prognosis of the two groups. The results are: he scores of disease knowledge, drug management, self - monitoring and symptom management were significantly higher in the observation group than in the control group (P <0.05). The incidence of medication in the observation group was higher than that in the control group, and the incidence of sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction and malignant arrhythmia was lower than that of the control group (P <0.05). It concludes that lifestyle guidance can lead to the formation of healthy disease in patients with coronary heart disease, improve drug compliance, improve the prognosis.

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