• Globalization and Chinese immigrants to Eastern European: Focusing on Russia

    Dr. Nadia Helmy

    Globalization is a term loaded with political, economic, and cultural implications. The benefits of globalization are typically said to include the increased availability of affordable products, the possibility of instantaneous communication, and the development of infrastructure in previously isolated regions. The drawbacks of globalization typically include the negative impact associated with it on a society's traditional way of life and the damage done to the physical environment because of rapidly developed infrastructures. How globalization appears to the people living in transitional economies and to transnational migrants is little understood in a world in which the process of globalization is often seen through a Western lens and is presupposed to be a homogenizing (i.e. “westernizing”) force. Nevertheless, globalization has concurrent narratives, one of which, explored in this paper, is the growing role of China in the process of globalization and, indeed, the influence of China on the world. The impact of globalization on Chinese migration to Eastern Europe is unique as it has a policy interest because in the past decade it has proven to be predictive of trends in Europe. A new flow of entrepreneurial migrants, who often had no connection to the historical, rural-based chains of migration that produced the earlier Chinese migrant populations of Eastern Europe, found it possible and profitable to do business and settle on the European periphery during a brief period of liberal migration controls. Erratic crackdowns on illegal migration in the absence of thought-through migration regimes resulted in a volatile situation, periodically generating migration flows from one country in the region to another. These were facilitated by, and gave further rise to, networks of kinship and information spanning both Eastern and Western Europe. While this paper focuses on East Europe and Russia, it also attempts to review information on other Eastern European countries (particularly Russia, Romania, Yugoslavia, and the Czech Republic) where it is available. In doing so, it intends to fill a gap in information on Chinese in Eastern Europe until more substantial research is produced, as well as to highlight the common features of, and links between, Chinese migration into individual Eastern European countries as well as into some states there, especially Russian.

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  • Comparative Study on Rationale of Senior Secondary Mathematics Curricula Standard in Ethiopia and Australia

    Fufa Esayas Meleta ; Weizhong Zhang

    The main objective of this study is to compare the rationale of the senior secondary mathematics curriculum standard in Ethiopia and Australia. The study was investigated qualitatively with document analysis and semi-structured interview as methods of research. The documents were analyzed and supported by interviews. The rationale of senior secondary mathematics curriculum in Ethiopia and Australia were analyzed and compared through five themes. The study revealed both similarities and differences of the rationale between two countries. The study indicated that the substantial difference in their rationale is the underlying principle of content standard organization. Even though considerable difference exists, the similarities are: the adoption of constructivist approach, the objectives of mathematics teaching and the notions of active leaning approaches in teaching and learning mathematics. By acknowledging the similarities, the study concluded with recommendations. To improve the quality of mathematics education in Ethiopia, Mathematics teachers should be given continuous (pre-service and in-service) training on the existing curriculum/syllabus, especially, on the constructivism, active learning and continuous assessment. Unless, it is hardly possible to achieve the purpose the curriculum was reformed for.

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  • An Analysis of the Significance of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

    Yang Liyan

    China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is the agreement signed by China and Australia after nearly 10 years of negotiations. Due to its broad scope, advanced systems of trade and investment, the agreement is one of the deepest regional integration agreements relating to China since the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2002 with ASEAN. Therefore, its signing and implementation have a great significance to deepen Sino-Australia bilateral trade, investment, and to bring the benefits of both sides, the stability and security of the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Economic Growth Public Debt and Public Expenditure in India – An Empirical Analysis

    Dr. Sonia Anand Dhir

    Since 1980s, the discussion over debt hovers around such questions as how does debt matter and what are its implications on the economy in the short and long run. It also hovered around answering questions like whether public debt was a burden on the present generation in whose lifetime the debt was created or the future generations in whose lifetime the debt has to be serviced / retired. According to the views of “new orthodoxy”, it is the present generation, in whose lifetime the debt is created, that bears its burden since the transfer of real resources to the government deprives the current generation of the benefit of these resources and it is forced to sacrifice current consumption as a consequence. While future generation is not burdened at all. However, critiques of this view claim that current generation is not burdened at all, while the future generation is burdened by either having to pay taxes to compensate bond holders (Buchanan, 1958) or through lost capital formation(1961). Various factors play an important role while considering the burden of public debt like interest rate, strains and frictions imposed on the economy, ratio of total debt to total national income, unemployment, impact of work incentive, saving propensities, impact on income distribution etc. Another important question is whether the system of financing a project by means of public debt shifts the burden to the future generation? This paper focuses on the inter relationship between public debt, public expenditure and GDP of India.

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  • Rational Thinking on Equal Rights in China

    Zhou Jingcheng , Hu Changyun

    Equality is the most basic and important human rights, and it is the basis of citizens' exercising other rights. There is still a gap between the legal provisions and the protection of equality in China, and there are still wide inequalities in political, economic and cultural rights. Its deep roots are mainly the lack of human rights concepts and the recognition of equal rights.

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  • On Cultivation of Ability of Law Undergraduates and Reform of Practical Teaching of Law

    Hu Changyun

    Legal theory belongs to an inner part of legal practice and displays its meaning in legal practice. Practical teaching links are of great significance to the cultivation of law undergraduates' ability. Although the universities pay more attention to practical teaching, and in law practice teaching level has achieved some results, at this stage China's legal undergraduate education in practical teaching links there are still issues relating to teaching content, teaching arrangements, teaching conditions. This paper puts forward suggestions to strengthen practical teaching, optimize practical teaching content and reform practical teaching method of jurisprudence.

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  • Innovation Research on English Teaching of Accounting Course and management for Foreign Students in China

    Dai Yelin, Zhang Linrong

    With the comprehensive national strength and the strong international influence, there are an increasing number of foreign students coming to China for higher education. The education and management of the overseas students have become an important part to promote the internationalization of Chinese education. Considering their differences and similarities, it is necessary to improve the teaching and management of international students from the following aspects: respecting cultural tradition and focusing on cultural differences; encouraging pre-class and after-school learning along with promoting team work; the establishment of diversification teaching methods and the emphasis on practical teaching links; improving the overseas students’ management system as well as strengthening the supervision and feedback mechanism.

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  • Research on the Strategy of Preschool English “Flipped Classroom” Teaching Resource Development in the Era of Big Data

    Huang Linlin ; Lin Aichun

    With the speeding up of globalization and the advent of the era of big data, preschool English education has been thriving in recent years. Though preschool English teaching resource continues to develop, there are still some defects and space for its improvements. The analysis of the significance of preschool English “flipped classroom” development combined with its present situation in the era of big data and the corresponding strategies put forward in this article aim to promote the vigorous development of preschool English education.

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  • Non-language Process in Utterance Communication

    Chen Jianwen

    Utterance is used to communicate with each other. Partners in communication always send out constantly information to expect listeners to give some response. This effect of utterance has greatly enlarged the scope of utterance analysis, so we should explore, in utterance analysis, how utterance keep indirect (even contradictory) relationship with language itself.

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  • Simulation as a method of studying in social sciences: A Case of studying legislation

    Dejan Spasic

    New methods of studying are mainly focused on a more simple, better and faster way of gaining knowledge and skills of pupils. A simple test in a class shows that it's easy to conclude that a practical way of making these methodological strategies work is suitable for most of the pupils. The simulations of natural social processes are one of those methods which are basically not used in the process of teaching very often, especially in social subjects. This is not very used method but has a huge potential and my goal in this article is to give an example of its possible usage and to outline the most important parts of simulation as a method of learning in schools.

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  • On the Construction of Students Self-Managed Practice Teaching Management Platform

    Liu Qiongling; Li Ying, Zhou Chenhui; Li Hongzan; Huan Juanjuan; Li Xuejie; Luo Anan; Zheng Sheng-qian

    To improve the utilization of laboratory resources, our research team emphasis the students as the principal part in nursing practice teaching. To improve students' learning initiative and the effect of nursing practice teaching, based on the campus network, members of our research team developed a network-based student self-management of nursing practice teaching management platform. This paper is focused on the development of the students self-managed practice teaching management platform and its applications.

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  • Study on Effect of Extended Care Pattern of Systematic Discharge Instruction on the Post-discharge Stroke Patients

    Pu Mengmeng, ZhangChunfang, Zhou Jinna

    The objective of this study is to discuss the effect of extended care pattern of systematic discharge instruction on the self-care ability, skin and nutriture, compliance with rehabilitation and readmission rate of stroke patients. The method: 150 cases of stroke patient were randomly divided into study group and control group with 75 cases for each group, both groups of patient received the same routine care and discharge instruction during hospitalization, the patients in study group were administered with a systematic discharge instruction and formulation of extended care measure for intervention 3 days before discharge, which lasted for 6 months. Result: the difference in Barthel scoring and Braden index scoring, percentage of patients with a risk of malnutrition and care satisfaction on day 2 after admission and before discharge between two groups of patient was not statistically significant (P>0.05), according to the comparison done at two time points: month 1 and 6 after discharge , the patients in study group were significantly higher than the ones in control group in terms of Barthel scoring and compliance with rehabilitation scoring, while in terms of Braden index scoring, percentage of patients with a risk of malnutrition and readmission rate, the patients in study group were significantly lower than the ones in control group, the inter-group comparative difference was statistically significant (P<0.05); It is found that the intervention based on extended care pattern of systematic discharge instruction can improve the self-care ability, compliance with rehabilitation of stroke patients, and reduce the incidence rate of pressure sores, risk of malnutrition and readmission rate.

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  • MOOCs and Management Education: Modular Teaching Based on COP Theory

    Huang Haixin ; Su Jingqin

    Management is the fundamental core course of the economic management major, but the existing classroom teaching model is unable to meet the teaching goals in terms of theory and practice. With the development of internet, big data and other new technologies and educational theories, new education platform MOOCs occurs, which integrates law of psychological behavior and education science. Featured by the "large-scale" learner quantity, "diversified" status and "humanized" teaching model, it is different from the classroom teaching, which is a useful complement to the traditional teaching methods. Hereby the characteristics of MOOCs teaching mode are analyzed and summarized, combined with the study of COP theory, focusing on the knowledge creation in the management course teaching process, to explore individualized and modular interactive T-L model design.

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  • Network Organization: Connection of the Bureaucratic Organization and the Cooperation Organizations

    Zhang Lisheng

    With the advent of the post-industrial era, the ecological environment of the bureaucratic organization has undergone tremendous and profound changes, and the cooperation organization is expected to become the future direction of organizational transformation. But the transformation process from bureaucratic organization to cooperation organize remains a critical connection point, and because of the multi-center network, equality, openness, etc., the network organization has become an effective connection of the bureaucratic organization and the cooperation organizations.

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  • A Review of Dunhuang Medical Documents

    Tang Wei

    Dunhuang documents have a history of more than one hundred year since they were discovered. This paper has made a overview for the research findings of Dunhuang documents with respect to medical literatures since the discovery of Dunhuang documents, and meanwhile pointed out the defects of as well as made a prospect of studies on Dunhung medical documents.

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  • Risk Assessment: The Influence of Emotion and Distraction

    Wang Dan

    To investigate if emotion influences risk assessment, and to determine if this effect depends on the opportunity and time available for deliberation, we replicated an experiment of Finucane and colleagues by offering participants two kinds of affective information (low benefit vs. high benefit) and two different judgment conditions (immediate judgment vs. deliberation prior to judgment). We also included a distraction judgment condition to test how the passage of time affects emotion’s influence on risk assessment. The hypothesis tested here was that individuals’ risk assessment would be influenced by the high and low benefit affective conditions, and that this influence would change per whether participants made these judgments immediately, after time for deliberation, or after a period of distraction. The results showed that neither the main effects of affective information and judgment condition nor the interaction between these two factors were significant, with all F’s <1, all p’s > .394. Thus, the findings of Finucane et al. we’re not replicated in the current study. Exploratory analyses suggested that a possible reason for this replication failure may be that the items we used were not novel, and therefore less likely to show an effect of the information we provided about them.

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  • The C-E Translation of Poetic Characteristics in Xixiang Ji

    Tang Mei , Dr. Jiang Zhengzhi

    Poetic characteristics, one of the basic characteristics of drama language, exists in Xixiang Ji, wrote by Wang Shifu in the Yuan Dynasty. The poetic characteristics in it mainly display in three aspects, namely “the image of language”, “the music of language” and “the cultural elegance of language”. Whether these features can be interpreted appropriately and accurately affects the appreciation of the target texts and the re-presentation of poetic features in target texts. Because of its unique artistic charming, there are many translators interpreting it, such as Xu Yuanchong, West and Idema, Hart etc. This paper will, from the perspectives of cognitive metaphor, make a comparative study on the C-E (Chinese-English) translation of poetic characteristics in Xixiang Ji. Based on the findings of this study, some examples about the C-E Translation of poetic characteristics in Xixiang Ji are commented on and some strategies about the C-E Translation of poetic characteristics in Xixiang Ji are put forward.

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  • Semi-supervised Text Classification Research Based on Ant Colony algorithm

    Han Yu, Li Meicong, Dang Hongpeng

    In view of the characteristics of sparse sexual text classification, this paper proposes a kind of semi-supervised text classification algorithm based on the characteristics of ant colony algorithm. The method applied in this paper is to increase the effect factor of the concentration of pheromone ant colony aggregation to extended ant pheromone diffusion mode and propose the ant population marker based on Top-k strategy and randomly selected candidate judgment confidence into the ant population classification. This paper selects the 20 Newsgroups corpus for experimental test and EM algorithm as compared algorithm. It has obvious advantages in terms of the index of F-1 degree as well as precision ratio and the recall ratio.

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  • observer-based controls of nonlinear fractional-order systems with disturbances

    Zheng Yiqiang

    In this paper, the issue of H∞ observer-based controls for a class of Lipschitz nonlinear fractional-order systems is investigated. By adopting the indirect Lyapunov method with the diffusive representation, the sufficient conditions of the observer gains are given in the form of some linear matrix inequalities (LMI) formulation, which is developed for nonlinear fractional-order systems with disturbances.

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  • A New Chosen Ciphertext Secure Certificateless Threshold Decryption Scheme from Pairing

    Zhu Jun

    In distributed systems threshold cryptosystems are important to avoid single point of failure. This paper studies threshold decryption in the context of Certificateless Public Key Cryptography, aiming to avoid costly management of certificate in Public Key Infrastructure and settle the matter of key escrow in Identity-Based Cryptography. Combining Paterson and Al-Riyami’s security model of certificateless encryption schemes with the notion of threshold cryptography, an improved certificateless threshold decryption structure is constructed. Furthermore, we present a new security model concerning certificateless threshold decryption schemes. Compared with previous studies, our study is more generic and effective because of less requirement of broadcast information. The new scheme which consists of ten algorithms can not only remove the problem of the centralization of decryption power by means of distributing the power among several servers, but also be proved secure in the proposed adaptive adversarial model. Security proof can be presented under the condition of hard computation of a problem in relation to Bilinear Diffie-Hellman Problem in the random oracle model.

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