Aussie-Sino Studies

2015, (2) P9-P19

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National Culture Protection and Safety Strategy of the Developing Countries Under the Background of Internationalization of Education: the Ghanaian Perspective

Wiliam Mawutor Kofi Anyigba , Michael Nyarkoh


The founding fathers and mothers of the nation Ghana were conscious of the fact that the significant growth of the nation and her citizens must be based on strong cultural basis. An attractive and symbolic characteristic of Ghana's culture is the unity she derives from the varied cultural background of her people shown in her National Anthem. According to the Cultural Policy of Ghana document of 2004, common beliefs and traditional establishments epitomize her shared inheritance. Each ethnic grouping in the country has exceptional cultural structures and traditions that portray uniqueness, dignity and pride. It is therefore no wonder that since independence in 1957, the developing Ghanaian civil society has realized the necessity to ensure harmony within the nation's cultural diversity resulting in Ghana enjoying a comparative degree of unity, stability and peace in the accolade “One Nation, One People, One common Destiny”. With globalization and modern technological development, it is prudent for Ghana to recognize that her unique national culture has been the basis for progress in her human capital and institutional development, a move that has translated significantly into national unity.The need for national Culture Protection and Safety Strategy of the Developing Countries under the background of internationalization of Education and the globalization of the Economy in Ghana cannot be downplayed when the world is going global. This paper therefore seeks to focus on the cultural protection and safety strategies of Ghanaian culture and how they project national solidarity and awareness against the backdrop of internationalization of education and globalization of her economy. It highlights the importance of the Ghanaian national culture and the approaches that must be adopted to enable the country to be responsive to societal needs and to the developmental agenda of the nation.

关键词(KeyWords): culture protection, safety strategy, ghanaian perspective.




作者(Author): Wiliam Mawutor Kofi Anyigba , Michael Nyarkoh




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