Aussie-Sino Studies

2017, (3) P18-P25

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On the Involution of Purchasing Public Services by Local Government from the Social Organization and Its Prevention

Li Jinlong & Wang Yingwei


The purchase of public services by local governments from social organizations is under a major change in China's public service supply mechanism. However, in the process of this change, the problem of involution of purchasing public services by local government gradually highlighted. The form of government procurement of public services is increasingly refined and diversified, but it really points to the public service supply mechanism has not produced substantial change. Concentrated in the transfer of government public service functions, nurture the development of social organizations, to meet the public needs of the audience and other areas of growth, lack of development. The reason is that the government relies on the path dependence of the traditional mode of public service supply, the rationalization of political rationality under the dual management system, and the asymmetric dependence between the government and the society are the key factors that restrict the public service supply mechanism from making substantive changes. There is a need to gradually clarify the applicability of the purchase, the release of resources at different levels; further change the management orientation, balance the relationship between government and government, and strengthen the purchase of the whole process of quality supervision system construction.

关键词(KeyWords): Local government, social organization, involution of purchasing public services, prevention



基金项目(Foundation): China International Economic and Technical Exchange Center Project (UNDP) "China Public Sector Reform and Innovation Strategy" (project approval number: 00056242). National Social Science Fund Project "Under the guidance of the theory of national structural form of China 's administrative province of straight county management reform" (project approval number: 15BZZ039).

作者(Author): Li Jinlong & Wang Yingwei




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