Aussie-Sino Studies

2017, (4) P44-P47

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Research and Practice on Cultivating Interests in learning: Guidelines to Online and Offline learning to Help OEC Students Cultivate Learning Initiatives

Feng Yun 1 & Ruth Appiah 2 & Huang Honghui 3 & Huang Xiaojia 1 & Xu Xiao 1& Liu Shizhu 2


The key point of the reform of teaching methods should be student-centered in order to promote their learning initiatives. Teachers, as guides of students in their learning, sometimes use improper methods, unfortunately acting as the ‘killers’ of students’ learning interests. Studies of ‘interests’ in the past two decades in the West have shown that the most important influencing factors of individual interests, subject interests, and situational interests, are learning materials and background knowledge. This study is based on the international teaching platform, SAKAI. Constructive learning resources guide the process of learning among OEC students, emphasizing the value of knowledge and emotional factors such as the interaction of learning interest, and repeatedly stimulating students' situational interest in order to help them become subjects with completely independent individual interests.

关键词(KeyWords): MBBS, process monitoring, Cultivating Interests in learning, SPOC, SAKAI, online study, flipped class



基金项目(Foundation): 1. 2016 China Ministry of Education awarded the second batch of “Top Brand Curricula” of English teaching program—Pharmacology. 2. 2015 Jiangsu Province awarded the excellent curricula of Englishi teaching program for overseas students—Pharmacology. 3. The key project of education reform program in Jiangsu University in 2015, item No. 2015JGZD027. 4. The unique project for overseas students’ education 2015 in Jiangsu University. 5. The Higher Educational Reform Research Project of Jiangsu University (No. 2017JGZD031) to Yueying Li.

作者(Author): Feng Yun 1 & Ruth Appiah 2 & Huang Honghui 3 & Huang Xiaojia 1 & Xu Xiao 1& Liu Shizhu 2




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